14 April 2015

PAC Martha Tilaar Powder Eyeshadow Review

Another PAC by Martha Tilaar : Powder Eyeshadow
It has a 20 shades to choose, I got mine S13C. It's very light color,
but i love the pigmentation, it's so vibrant to highlight the corner of my eyes.

Although this packaging seal in regular plastic case, it has unique mechanism
to stack them together. Really convenient and easy to travel with. But of course
you need a nice and good brush to work with. I was trying put some of this
powder shadow using my fingers and it's completely fail.

and the tricks that i got from PAC Make Up artist, Ms. Azizah to use this powder eyeshadow
it's to spray or wet water in your brush, dry out a little bit and pat the eyeshadow gently
in your lid, works patiently and build in a less amount to achieve maximun results.

It's stated this products has BISOBOL, so for you who have a sensitive skin
rest a sure to use this product. so what's is BISOBOL anyway?

i did a little research and it's turn out Bisobol it's the main constituent in Chamomile.
in a few websites, they wrote it D-Alpha Bisobol for soothing and anti-inflammatory.
Chamomile it's a natural herb well known for their soothing effect and PAC contains it.
hmmm... sounds good to me.

This products are made in Indonesia exported to Singapore, KL, Bangkok and Manila

It has a hygiene plastic seal, so please throw it away or do complain,
if you got a ruin seal when you buy this products.

A lite gold color, resembles of vanilla color once you applied it
onto your skin. 

although it's said gold and somewhat seems so "bling-bling" if you applied it.
turn out this products so calm yet useful for highlight any areas you'd like to.

How i applied this products : For quick night party look
for beginner guide :)
1. Create your base or shape
2. fill in carefully with your small eyeliner brush
3. tap black matte eyeshadow to set the gel liner
4. see the difference?
5. put on a dark brown shadow to create dimension or depth 
and blend them away
6. using a flat brush (better if you wet your brush beforehand)
gently pat in the middle of your lid and slowly blend it :)

 I add multiple layer to achieve this looks, 
to emphasise more, you need to built in with eye primer.
i lost my final file from the camera, a final look at the wedding reception
its a full makeup with lashes, lenses and correction on the eyeshadow :(

well, better than none :) so here's a first stage preview of this shadow
or you can check how i combine with blue liquid liner from PAC

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)

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