15 April 2015

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser & Moisturizer Review

I once bought this product while on my overseas trip, since then
it's become one of my most favourite cleanser. Although it's stated for all skin types,
i found this products really helping for a dry skin like mine. It's almost like a gel,
didn't build up on any foam like your regular cleanser. quite pricey but compare
to the result and how it's effect on my skin, well you got what you paid :)

Cetaphil it's a brand from Galderma, it do come up with various skincare line
like here's below : Moisturizing Lotion & Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
it's available now in Indonesia, you can find it at your near 'drugstore' in your fave mall.
473ml and it's cost your around Rp.400.000 (more or less, my last purchased was 2014)
comes in handy pumping to measure the liquid, and worth your money.
I used this one bottle approximately 6 months for day and night, and sometimes
i share this with my family member. 

It's great for a daily makeup remover and originally formulated by dermatologist especially
for the sensitive skin but it works like magic on my dry skin. This products
it'a soap substitute that preserve's skin natural protective oil. sounds good hah?
this products also won't sting my eyes and remove my light make up without
clogging my pores.

the questions is : PARABEN. hmmm, quite dilemma  for me at first.
but i already run out of 3 bottle.

Btw using this product doesn't stop you from getting any acne, believe me.
and it will not control your oiliness from your skin. but hence, it's help me maintain
my flaky dry skin moist enough. so, i give it a go.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
"is a specifically formulated to soothe your chronically dry skin.
Once applied, your skin feels soft and smooth. it's non greasy, non-irritating and
non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), leaving you feeling more comfortable in 
your own skin," stated in their website

So does it say what it sells?
greasy part? since i live in Jakarta, humid and hot here.
of course you'll feel a little bit greasy once you go outdoor and leave from your AC.
but the other part, yes, i do agree. Although now i didn't continue using this product 
anymore. I tried and tested many products every months so, it's not like this product
is bad or something else. It just i got a lot of products to test from the brand :)

it does contains small amount of alcohol, for those who are so sensitive like my sister.
she can't stand it, too bad. so instead applied on her face, she use it as a
hand cream while working in a AC room. 

creamy texture, easy to glide and absorb easily and leave a smooth feeling on your skin.
moist enough but won't leaving any harm sticky residue.

have any of you tried this products too?

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)


  1. 400rb? Ya ampun cici~ Itu mahal banget. Beli di luar negeri ya? Disini kalo ga salah sekarang sekitar 200++ di Guardian, taon lalu 170an buat ukuran yang itu. Btw, aku juga pake. dan emang enaakk. Beberapa orang sih bilang ga bersih, dan emang iya sih. Jadi aku biasa pake ini cuma buat morning face wash aja.

    1. iyaaaa mehong gila dulu belinya di luar. abisan disini masuknya kan selalu lama.
      jadinya borong deh pas diluar, baru deh pas di guardian ada langsung sedih, damn murah amit.

      cetaphil cocok2an, suami muka berminyak pake ini cocok. cuman ya dasar cowo, maunya yang BERBUSA biar berasa bersih keset. padahal itukan ngaco.