18 February 2015

PAC Martha Tilaar Matte Lipstick Review

I'm not a really big fan of matte lipstick, it really shows my flaws.
I don't really like how a matte lipstick dry out my lips, since i don't have
a moist lips to start with. So, i'm really picky on some lipstick.
If you occasionally meet me offline, you'll see how pale my lips are,
I don't wear lipstick as much as eyeliner.

Then I got this PAC Martha Tilaar Matte Lipstick from #BBMeetUp event
few days ago at Senayan City Mall. I found out this matte lipstick has 
a light formula and soft texture, it's also contain moisturizer that will help
soften the lips. So, why not give it a try?

Contains 4g lipstick and comes with sturdy packaging, overall in black and chrome color,
giving a sophisticated and luxury feels. Black cap finished with doff material
while the logo embossed in the middle of the packaging. They have 10 shades to choose.

In this post i'll review & swatch 

In case if you never heard of PAC before, PAC stands for
the founder of Martha Tilaar group. It's a Indonesia cosmetics company,
well known for their pigmented and vibrant color. As you can see from 
those picture above, lipstick swatch so vibrant but in my opinion 
i think this lipstick is not as matte as other lipstick on market.
which is nice :)

Texture bit creamy, with a bit glossy finish and it's so easy to glide on,
i recommended using lip brush to achieve perfect shaping.
The best part of this lipstick is moist enough.
It didn't dry out my lips when i tried it whole day, it just i need to reapply every 2-3 hours.

Although it's stated in INDIAN RED, first thing that cross in my mind is that
this lipstick will show a stunning and attention seeker color.
but instead bold daring color, i find this Indian Red more natural and wearable.

So, you don't like matte with glossy finish.
Here's a trick for your, use tissue and blotting it. Voila!
which one suits your taste? original matte or modified matte?

I have one tricks for you guys. So my friends who has a small lips asked me a questions:
I want a fuller lips, but i don't like lip gloss, what should i do?

Put powder eyeshadow on it!
i'm using gold color to match lipstick shade, using small brush and tap it on
the center of your lips (upper and lower)

Blend them by "smack" your lips together and add another layer lipstick on it.
you can repeat this step to meet your like.

Can you spot the difference? which one suits you better?
please comment below :)

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)


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  2. Matte lipstick suits you! try various ones to see which ones you really like! nice blog btw