23 December 2014

Kose Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Rich Review

Nature & Co its Cosmetaries Brand from KOSE, a well known skin care brand from Japan.
The Organic Life of Beauty Begins, it's this products motto. Made from organic herbs
rejuvenate with pure goodness of organic herbs from the world. I love how this products
soothe senses with mellowing scent from freshly picked herbs and 
nurture the skin with ultimate clarity.

Kose Nature & Co., extracted from the words "Nature" and "Cooperation"
it denotes a flawless incorporation of pure & natural ingredients and 
the modern skincare science. They insist a good quality of skincare comes from the best quality
 and purity of nature ingredients, not just from plants growing in nature, 
but the best and safe-to-use one growing in an organic way.

Kose: Nature & Co - PURE WHITE series has 
6 complete products for our daily skincare :
Face Wash, Cleansing Milk, Lotion, Milk, Essence & Cream

So i tried one of their product called
Pure White Milky Lotion

Its really good for dry skin like mine, helps to moisture
also promoting whitening properties that lightens dark spots. 
I tried this skincare for almost 2 months, so i share you what my skin feels now.
Its refreshing texture goes on smoothly and blends easily. Although it has a thick texture,
this lotion is easily absorb without leaving any sticky residue.

Since it's made from natural ingredients :
Rosemary (Spain), Marigold Extract (English), olive oil (Spain), 
Sambucus Extract (Swiss), Cucumber (Japan),
Red Flower Oil (Mexico), and Jojoba Oil (Mexico).

So don't be surprise if this products smell herbaly but,
it's still has a fresh and natural fragrance. With a careful selection of 10 natural fragrance, 
blends of green grass & sweety fruit, it gives you an ever pleasant & harmony feel.

From what i read from their website, they do insist a good quality of skincare 
comes from the best quality and purity of nature ingredients, 
not just from plants growing in nature, 
but the best and safe-to-use one growing in an organic way. 

I got this product from Nihonmart - Toko Kosmetik Online around Rp. 209.000

It comes sealed with hard case plastic to protect the lotion, transparent packaging
with lots of information written in Japan language. Contains 130ml, you can use
it regularly for almost 4-5 months. It has expired date on the products.

I love how they bring out "herbal and nature" in their packaging.
it's really representative the whole idea. At this moment, this lotion been a good friend of mine
day and night. Yes, i use this product day and night, to helps me fight the dryness from AC.

Bottle comes with bulky material, it's feels heavy and thick. I don't have anything to complain
about this products except the bottle cap. I dislike how i mess up sometimes when i'm in a hurry.
Since the bottle so sturdy, i need to squish with more effort, and it's comes out a lot since
this bottle doesn't come with small hole to keep this lotion pouring out. And i really hope
they will launching for travel size.

So overall? This lotion works like magic to my dry skin. I feel moist and supple 
and at the same time, i do notice that my skin complexion improve slightly better.
and for the oily skin? i tried this on my husband face, it doesnt help much with oil control.
but well, it does gives a brightening result and supple skin.

If you're interested on this product, i recommend you to use it for at least 2-3 months regularly.
i can't find this product at offline store, so you don't have any option besides buy it from online shop.

I'll show you how this products works well on moisturizing skin
and easily absorb without feeling oily :)
Bright, Moist and Supple :)

until then beauties :)

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)


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