08 October 2014

Cabin Crew Kit : Skin Tonic for Air, Land and Sea

Hi guys, I just found out a new skincare line called Cabin Crew Kit
it's a skincare that contains 0% Paraben, natural blends of ingredients with
a ground breaking formula designed for both dark and fair skin.

It's stated that Cabin Crew Kit can provide our skin an optimal
dosage of active ingredients for best results in a shorter time.
sounds promising right?

So, i googled trying to find out how this product works and it's turn out
Cabin Crew Kit are encapsulated by multilayered liposomes for penetration into
deeper layer allowing our skin showing noticeable improvement
in just day!! wauw!

and it's a good news for me who loves to travel.
using plane for traveling for MINIMAL 2 hours with they dry and cold air,
always drained away my skin's moistures. Then i realised this products
solve my problem here.
Cabin Crew Kit is a formula of US & Japan Technology combo
and it's intentionally designed for frequent flyers whose skin are often
exposed to harsh climate, resulting in lack of skin hydration.

with their market experience of 5 years of dermatologist grade of skin tonic
range on the belt, Cabin Crew Kit introduce their high potency and 
active skin series for our daily and travelling needs. 
And it's a fact 1 bottle sold in every 10 minutes worldwide

Cabin Crew Kit series is suitable for both men and women from around the world.
Since the differences in altitude and environment or seasonal change of weather would
often result to an exposure of a harsh impact unto your skin.

Incase you wondering, Cabin Crew Kit has various products due to your needs :
- Skin Renewal Serum
- Skin Renewal Mask
- Skin Lumious  Gel (skin tone)
- Hydration Boost
- Age Reverso Serum
- Age Prevento Serum
- Hydro Zit Gel (Acne problem)

Therefore I choose Hydration Boost, since i have a very dry skin at this moment

and skin renewal serum due to my lack of sleep, i seriously need this
I need to improve my skin texture.

You can order Cabin Crew Kit online, it's easy and convenient
they ship worldwide. I'll post this product review soon :)

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  1. Ah kmrn bru aja aku liat ini direview blogger singapore ci >.<
    It sounds so promising and like a dry-skin type saver ♥♥
    Can't wait to see the results on you ci :D