04 September 2014

Omorose : BB Stick & Rosey Glow Review

Holla! been a while but i'm back with a recommended product review!
Make up line from Malaysia and founded by Pauline and Terry in 1999
Inspire by the stunning wall paintings at the Valley of the Queens 
depicting ancient queens and deities in makeup then, born Omorose.

Omorose means beautiful in ancient Egyptian. They decided to put on that name
as a momentum when they are embarking on a business venture 
back then when their travel to Egypt.
Omorose products use only natural preservatives where needed, without using parabens and phenoxyethanol. It's also a cruelty-free brand & they conducts no animal testing.

Omorose products :

BB Stick Foundation SPF 35++ ( 3 shades)

Rosey Glow (blush on with cute packaging) 5 shades

Hypnotic Eyes (eye shadow) 3 optional duo shades

Lip Dressing (lip balm) 5 shades

Satyn (loose powder)

Window to the Soul (art lashes) comes in 5 types

And i've tried the BB stick & Rosey Glow, it's recommended :)
curious how the swatches and full review?
Omorose BB Stick
Sunscreen Foundation Stick SPF 35++
ok, first of all, i might bit prejudice this product
i thought since it's stated foundation, i will give a heavy finish feeling and sticky
like any other foundation. But it turns out, after I blend those products, it's so dewy.
Although it's a medium coverage, still my skin looks so flawless 
and the best part paraben free with a sunscreen protection, dang i love it.

It comes in 3 shades which are:
 Light & Fair, Fair & Medium, and Medium & Tan.

Shades : Light & Fair

It has a creamy texture, matte and powdery finish
how about oil control? since i have a dry skin i don't have any problem
for almost 6-7 hours, but for those who has oily skin i suggest to put
on primer first before apply foundation and finish it with loose powder
to keep your face fresh and anti shine. I tried this products on my friends
who has a bad oily skin, and turns out it stayed for almost 3-4 hours.
Then she need to reapply powder or using blotting paper.

Pardon my flaky dry skin, when i tried this products
i didn't put on any moisturizer nor primer to show basic results
PS : please drink a lot of fluid to avoid  those symptoms 
left cheek

right cheek

Wohooo love love the dewy finish

after several experiments, i found it's best using translucent powder
to give more dewy finish look. pic above i'm using natural color and
it's appear bit yellowish

Omorose Rosey Glow
It's jelly blush, comes in cute packaging, loves the turquoise theme from Omorose.

So basically it's a hydrating gel blush tints to gives a you a natural glow.
It's a highly pigmented blush, no kidding! and it's also has good staying power.
I did try to rub it with water and bare hand, but this product stay put.
This is my first blush that i claimed oilproof and waterproof
(i'll show the pic after i wear this products for about 8 hours)

This products so small and you don't need a brush,
just simply dab it on your cheek and blend it away.
Voila! nice healthy natural glow.

those red dots? i think it's overheat during shipping
just wipe with tissue and place it in a temperature room.

so small and cute :)

Overall from my 3 weeks usage I do in love with this products,
now it's in my everyday makeup case. So easy to travel and gives me a nice glow.
And here's i'm swatching "FIRST LOVE"
it's much more compliment my face when i dab this product after foundation
and yes, it stay much longer compare directly onto your skin

This products has 5 shades you can choose

look how pigmented! i just dab around my cheek without blending it yet

Looks so promising right :) 
you can check Omorose Website | Facebook for more information
and they do shipping worldwide for FREE , Yeay!

flawless skin wohooo, love this BB foundation stick!

and as i promise, here's my pic after wearing these 2 products 8 hours
outdoor activities in a humid and hot weather.
I don't reapply the blush nor put on powder or even a blotting paper.
what do you think?

Would you love to have these products? please kindly leave comment below
and ......... *will revealed it soon ;)

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)


  1. Ci Mei yang Cheek Tintnya lucu bangeeet >_<

    1. iya tintnya cucok abis tia, super duper pigmented. pake dikit aja dah nyala

  2. check tintnya lucuuuu, inivasi baru hehehee XD tapi kl ga bener blendingnya nanti keliatan kayak korban KDRT haahahaa

    The Journey

    1. emang tuh packagingnya cheek tintnya tsakep bingits :D , hahah korban kdrt. blending pake jari pelan-pelan bagus kok

  3. cheek tintnya super unyuuuu >.<
    it's my first time heard about Omorose brand ci ^^

  4. Awww.. produknya lucu-lucu. packagingnya juga ^^
    Thank you for sharing..

    Dreamy Princess