27 August 2014

Baby Needs Review : Sebamed, Bebe Rosie and Mother Care

So since I have a baby now i'll blog a bit about my baby needs and review it.
Hope it'll help newbie mommie in search for their baby needs :)
remember : sharing is caring

 in case you don't know, let me introduce you my little angel 
Kayla Ang Dinata : She's 4 months old now

As an amateur mommy or newbie mommy, I tend to look best product for her.
unfortunately I can't find a blog that review specific goods for baby needs.
I have to read several blog, forum, article etc in order to find the suitable products.
and sometimes those review helps a lot, so i hope this review might help too.

All this product tried, tested based on real testimony.
well not from Kayla, but from my point of view. This 5 products are her basic needs
from the first day until now, some works magically and some are not.

So let's break them down one by one shall we :

1. Bebe Rosie Telon Cream

I love this telon cream smell, in case you don't know what telon is?
it's a herbal natural cream enrich with olive oil and have mosquito repellant.
this cream sooth and calms my baby whenever she has gas.

it's easily absorb and won't leave any sticky residue behind Kayla's skin.
too bad, after she used this product 2 weeks in a row, i found out a little rash
or reddish on her chest and tummy. Then, I asked around and google about this symptoms.
turns out, my baby might have sensitive skin or allergic to it's ingredients.

But since, it's soothe and helps her to relief gas.
I apply this cream once a week on her tummy, back and feet.
if your baby haven't poo for few days, try to rub this cream
and massage the tummy combine with bicycle massage.
it does works like magic :) 

love the texture, cream base so it won't spill over

2. Sebamed Soft Baby Cream
This product helps to moisturize Kayla's skin, sometimes due to weather 
her skin will flaky and bit dry, and this cream also really help a lot.
just put on a thin layer twice a day.

Excellent protection of the skin against cold weather, prevention of nappy rash and 
stimulation of the healing process

3. Sebamed Bubble Bath
I love the smell and how this product leaves Kayla's skin moist
its perfectly safe for baby but bit expensive compare to other brand :(
it's gel based texture.

Product features:
100% soap and alkali-free
Extra mild tenside complex for gentle cleansing action without dehydrating
Soft controlled foaming
Extracts of medicinal plants soothe, hydrate and protect the delicate 
skin against inflammation and irritation
Natural moisturizing agents protect against dryness
No tears formula doesn't irritate the eyes

4. Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream
Ok, I might sound bit exaggerated but this products sells what it says.
Diaper Rash Cream, it's not only help with the rash from diaper usage,
but this cream also applicable on any part of your baby skin
like neck, under arm, hands etc.

With the pH value of 5.5 Baby sebamed is clinically proven to promote the development 
of the acid mantle. Free from nitro-musk compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, dioxane
pH 5.5 normalizes the skin pH if it is elevated by occlusion and urine contact and 
helps protect from harmfull microogranisms which can cause superinfection of the dermatitic skin

if the rash appears, apply it twice a day after bathing
and in 2 or 3 days, the rash will slowly faded away.

5. Mother Care Baby Liquid Talc
Rp. 99.000
this products stated :
- smoothes onto the skin and transforms into powder
(yes, it does exactly what it say)
- Natural extracts (moisturizing olive oil & soothing chamomile)
-suitable from birth

Baby Liquid Talc is a wonderful liquid that turns into a soft powder when 
rubbed into baby's skin to leave it with a soft and smooth feeling

So, from the day she was born, I've been using this product until today.
this products smells so nice and unlike regular powder talc,
texture like cream but once you applied, it will blend onto baby skin
and give soothing effect. Reduces the risk of baby inhaling powder and 
helps to keep skin dry and silky smooth

Sebamed & Mothercare product texture
Hope this review will help, especially for newbie mommie :)
*sharing is caring

If you want a further information please refer to their website

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  1. massage the tummy combine with bicycle massage--> ini maksudnya gerakan memutar kah Meilani ?


    1. err agak bingung jelasiinya. jadi kakinya diangkat lututnya didorong kearah perut dan sedikit menekan. biasanya 60x gerakan ringan. jangan terlalu diteken dan jangan terlalu pelan juga, soalnya jadi ga ngefek.

  2. ehehehe, setelah lama menghilang baru muncul lg ce,
    Selamat yah buat klahiran baby nya :).
    Lama tak ada MUC lagi #plak langsung ditampar XD

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)