25 June 2014

Etude : Bling in the Sea Color Eye Stick Review

Etude oh Etude, ga pernah gagal dengan kampanye kosmetiknya. Pasti pada setuju deh, setelah sukses dengan secret recipe kemarin, Bling in the Sea merupakan summer makeup di tahun 2013, well i know it's kinda late to review this baby, but i have the urge to share with you guys. What i love most it's their :
Proof 10 Bling in the Sea Color Eye Stick

why? because it's 
AFFORDABLE *murah cyin ga sampai 100K

and as a extra benefit for this color eye stick, it's easy to blend since the texture were so creamy. It's also has a built in sponge to help us blend this shadow. I got BR401 : Tanning Brown, since it's my fave color and wearable for day and night makeup.

21 June 2014

Armando Caruso Makeup Brush Review

So, Another You (Ayou) recently sent me some of their collection
mysterious black box that consists 4 Armando Caruso synthetic makeup brush

for those who loves makeup, they will invest on a good brush
and sometimes it cost a lot in order to create a flawless technics.
I find these Armando Caruso brushes are affordable yet have a good quality,
come with  nice synthetic, dense and soft.

quote from their packaging
Armando Caruso was designed in Europe to cater to professional and home use. 
Professionally and individually appreciated by the beauty care market, 
we have also expanded into SouthEast Asia. 
We pledged to continue to give you nothing but the best quality for our accessories.

and here's this 4 Armando Caruso Brushes Review: