20 March 2014

Hi Again!

Lately i've been missing in action, it's not that i neglected my blog or you guys.
I admitted it's really been a while since my last update (february 12nd 2014)
#IfeelFailedAsABlogger #Sighhhhh

I got a ton draft post (review, event, travel story and culinary)
so first thing first, let me apologize to my beloved readers that
frequently asked me "where are you? , where's your update?"

And i also apologize to my lovely sponsor & brand that sent me various
product to review but all of them still in a draft post :(
not to mention, event report that recently i failed to update within 1 week

The main reason why i've been MIA it's because
I'm Sick due to my pregnancy hormones that really brings me upside down
both mentally and physically!

18 days bed rest! it's so hard to deal with.
there's nothing you can do! i can't even get up since the vertigo hit so hard
every noon, bonus with fever + flu (sinusitis) really complete my days!

I'm an active person, laying in bed without doing anything and feeling sick 
makes me bit stressed and depressed. I feel worthless & unwanted.
#thanks to hormonal mood swing!

But hei ho! I'm back!
I feel good about my self again since i'm healthy enough to write this post.
so, please stay tune with my blog update :)

Meilani Chow
@PygmalionLand (twitter | instagram | youtube | FBpage)
Contact me : kotakpos.mei@ gmail.com


  1. miss you ce. . ..
    apalagi make up challenge nya XD

    Welcome back :D

  2. welcome back !
    hope everything goes well until the day comes

  3. Great to get better ^^

    Looking forward to your new posts ^^

    恵美より ♥