30 January 2014

Speaker in Japan Beauty Week with KBJ

As a one of Kawaii Beauty Japan's Star, I was invited to Plaza Senayan
held by Japan Beauty Week. This event sponsored by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry).
So excited about it, along with Cominica & Jessica Yamada, three of us do a 30 minutes talkshow
talking about skin care especially Facial Mask. We had a lot fun talking about this stuff, 
crazy about skin care & Japan culture makes us bond easily :)

Before I reported the whole event, let me enlight you with quick update about
Kawaii Beauty Japan & Japan Beauty Week


It's a one stop media where we can find our true beauty from Japan's secret.
Under the flag of PT. Media Makmur, they formed Kawaii Beauty Japan that
major focus in Japan's beauty culture. With 700 brands they cooperated with to
penetrate Indonesia's market, this year they already have 1million likes in FB,
where 70% of them are female 20-30's.

You can see the tab "KBJ*" at their FB page, clicked  and you'll find KBJ Star, 
 13 selected Bloggers that carefully chosen by KBJ team to represent Japan Beauty
and also as their main speakers to introducing Japan brand. As a KBJ star, we were treated
as a professional not just a regular blogger, that's why i decided to join them.

That's me :)

You'll amazed how KBJ gives you a lot of information & they always held a quiz
and throwing event related to Japan. Don't forget to like their page for any update.

Event that sponsored by METI together with various brands from Japan and they held
nice event in Plaza Senayan, a lot of talk show and makeup demonstration.
Each brand at this exhibition gives a lot of information & sample for us to try.
It's a global event that previously held in Bangkok and now they visit Jakarta.

So, me that day talking about skincare especially facial mask that i loved the most
to rehydrate & to moist my dry skin. Lately I've been using Hadabisei facial mask from KRACIE,
Japan brand that been in Indonesia market under PT. HOYU Indonesia.

green : Acne (brightening + vitamin C)
red : to moist dull & dry skin (royal jelly)

See the different texture from this two masks,
the left one, more water based to control & reduce oil, compared the right (Red mask)
you'll feel more greasy with lots of water contains, when you touch the mask, you'll feel the ingredients
glides & drips more compared the acne mask.
tips : put on a fridge before use this mask, let it set for 15-20 minutes.
use after you cleansed your face.

And this is us, during the whole KBJ & Japan Beauty Week talk show session.
can you spot me in bright red dress & looks so chubby in my 5 months pregnant weight :P

FOTD when i become speaker
pipi oh pipi tembem banget >.<

love my natural false lashes from Kay Collection
Lens from Uniqso (brown with green tint)
Eyeshadow Urban Decay Naked 1

Thank you to KBJ & Japan Beauty Week
for a nice experience to kick off 2014

Until next post,



  1. aku juga dateng, tapi hari sabtu >.<


    1. yahhhh ga ketemu ya kita , next event mudah-mudahan bisa ketemuan

  2. Wahhhh pengen banget dateng dehhh.. huhuhuhu.. Btw cc lagi pregger juga yaaa... ahh asiknya menemukan bblogger yang lagi pregger juga hahah *sksd* glowing ci.. cakep dehh.. :* :*

  3. Wow that's amazing you were invited as speaker! That must be an exciting experience for you :)