14 January 2014

Eyemeny Pudding Gray Review

The biggest lens i've ever used = 22.8mm!

This lens comes in 6 six colours to choose :
Black, Choco, Gray, Blue, Violet, Green & Brown

When i received this lens, kinda worried me a little bit, will this lens fit?
but turn out, These lenses make your eyes looks very big and dolly look a like
with a very unique pattern this lens stay comfort for almost 6-7 hours usage.

unique floral design

Thin & Comfortable

Seal & Hygiene

Manufacturer : KOREA
Diameter D.I.A: 22.8MM
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve B.C: 8.60MM
Center Thickness CT: 0.018MM
Material: HEMA-MMA
Can Use: One year

No makeup using this lenses

Full eye makeup : comparison before after 
looks how this lenses gives you instant bigger eye dolly looks :)

With flash (left) - Without flash (right)

love this lenses? it's affordable for 1 year lifespan :) , only cost you Rp. 11.500/month
you can buy this lens with prescription (normal to -10) from mysoftlens.com
Phone: 082168667888 | E-mail: mysoftlens@live.com | Pin BB: 26FC54A6
and they give 30 days guarantee ;)

Here's how this lenses looks like on my full makeup
well, recently i just read middle east novel, so this is what i came up with :)
- urban decay naked 1 & 2 for eyeshadow
- borjuis in metallic green for eyeshadow
- etude house cushion
- thebalm hot mama matte powder
- innisfree brow
- face on face coral brush *local product!
- bobbi brown highlighter pen
- vaseline lip balm + etude dear darling tint + faceshop lip butter
- eyeliner pencil makeup forever in black matte
- eyeliner liquid dolly wink from kay collection
- lashes from D'eyeko (princess syahrini collection)
- brush from masami shouko collection
- brown latte wig from Hongkong Online shop

With or without wig?
Hair coloring & highlight by Jhony Andrean Team

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  1. sukak ama pattern-nya ce.
    beda dari yang lain :)

    1. Iya, patternnya bikin keliatan bling2 di mata. Bagus

  2. selfie yang kedua keliatan mirip boneka ce, cantik sekali :)

  3. kakak kamuuuuu cantik banget *o* diamternya gede banget ya kak?? cepat lelah nggak sich matanya kak?? aku pake diamter 17mm aja udah lelah banget (T_____T)

    1. Makasi aisah :)
      Iya tuh walaupun diameter gede, krn bahannya tipis dan lembut jadinya ga perih.

  4. irii sm kuliit nyaa, flawless bgt *.*
    *salaaah fokusss

    1. Hahaha makasi lho. Itu berkat etude cushion makanya jadi keliatan flawless