18 December 2013

Event : Bobbi Brown with Beauty Treats

Weeks ago, Beauty Treats & Bobbi Brown invited me to a blogger gathering at Rustique, Plaza Senayan. They are not lauching anything new yet, it's just nice and warm meet and greet with them. Amalia from Beauty Treats who invited me via email, please us to sit and enjoy marvelous lunch. Nice and cozy place to chit chat about beauty with other blogger. 

Here's some quick recap about Bobbi Brown. She is a living legend in makeup industry, talented American makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Wrote lots of beauty books and inspired many woman to gain their confidence, you can read more about her through this link. Not to mention how good their product is. I'm a  fans of Bobbi Brown product, you should try their concealer. It's truly savior! 

You can check her "10 steps to beauty"  on how to become makeup artist without any hassle.

Never heard of Bobbi Brown before nor see their product? be prepared!

Before Bobbi Brown deliver presentation or introduction, they served us some delicious food.
This is what i called, highly appreciated! *please noted

You see, what i looking forward the most when brand invite me to attend their event. Either a workshop,
beauty class or even beauty talk. It's to meet other beauty junkie to update and tempting each other
with their most favorable products to share with :)

In my opinion, this event were prepared well, they treated us well.
and do you happen know that Beauty Treats also has online shop?
please visit their website and check out their latest promo, sign up to receive their
latest promotions and update news, who know you might be the lucky girl who get invited
and receive tons of goodies like mine here :)

Generous gift from Beauty Treats & Bobbi Brown
all of them are full size products : matte eye shadow, lip gloss, face highlighter & eye brightener
& voucher idr 50.000 to shop at beauty treats store :)

I'm using Bobbi Brown face highlighter in Rose :)

Until next post,


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