20 December 2013

Etude House : Cushion Precious Mineral Foundation Review

I was contacted by Etude House regarding a new product called 
Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation
Since it's sounds so long and funny I'm really curious about this product, 
i picked this product at one of their counter at mall. & instead of any foundation I've been countered too, 
this product looks like a compact powder. Packaging design were moderate, made from plastic
so it's easy to travel with it. 

Then, i did quick research about this product, and it's stated :
It’s a 6-in-1 foundation since it has 6 major functions/contents.
Sunscreen (SPF 50 PA+++)
Sebum powder
Moisture Essence
Whitening Essence
Cover Foundation
Cooling Effect

I'm usually a BBcream kind of girl, since i don't like feeling "heavy" after using foundation.
but, you know what? no wonder tons of girl love Etude House for their packaging & innovation.
You'll see why

The Precious Mineral Any Cushion comes in two shades only. Honey Beige (W24) which is the darker shade (pink undertone) and Natural Beige (W13) which is the lighter shade (yellow undertone)

Sealed! wow so hygiene. 

You need to use the blue puff and  push the cushion down a bit, so it'll dispense the product a bit

Texture more liquid than BBcream, but it does feel light and has a cool sensation

Natural Beige (W13) which is the lighter shade (yellow undertone)
it's blend seamlessly & feels so light Hyaluronic acid – keeps my skin hydrated the entire day with deep watery moisture and a cooling effect :)

This blue rubber puff has a separately compartment from the foundation for hygiene purpose, 
made from Polyurethane to effectively provide an even coverage on your face. 
Use it with a patting motion instead of rubbing onto skin.

although it's looks white cast or over light (left picture) after you blend it well and let it absorb
and soak in with the heat of your body, surprisingly it will look natural.
Coverage : medium (right picture for comparison) , if you have a black spot or dark circle like me
you still need a concealer to achieve flawless face.

bit oily, but still matte :)

Cushion Precious Mineral + Loose Powder = flawless face :)
but in my case, i need to add concealer

tried my best to pose like Korean Ullzang, somehow i don't think it suits me *and failed.
unlike Rini Cesilia, you should check her blog. Pretty korean style :)

Well, as a final conclusion. I like this product :)
No break out during 2 months usage, hydrate and gives you a nice cooling sensation .
A light foundation that won't clog your pore. Best part? it got SPF!! 

Thank you Etude House Indonesia for sending me these
check their webiste / facebook page for more information about price & discount

Until next post,

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  1. cakeppp itu ci, hihi uda korean-korean hihihi ^^
    favoritku ak banget nih cushion, kl uda habis wajib beli refilnya hehhee

    1. iya, ternyata oke lho. walau embel2nya foudation. Tapi ga bikin muka terasa "berat" :)

  2. Gilaaa, semua pada review ini. Ngilerrrrr. Nice review, buat mupeng hahaha

    1. hahahhaah buat kado akhir taun #treatyourself :)

  3. Mirip cewek korea kok apalagi foto yg terakhir unyu banget ekspresinya XD
    Demen bgt ngelihat post2 blogger teken2 cushionnya empuk bangetttttt kelihatannya XD

  4. Hasilnya flawless bangeeet, jadi pengen coba ^^