19 December 2013

Culinary : Chung Gi Wa Korean Restaurant

Visited this restaurant since one of my friend craving for BBQ meat, after doing some comparison 
we ended up at Chung Gi Wa Korean BBQ restaurant. Place so spacious and each table installed
with charcoal grill and exhaust hood. The moment you came, you'll be greet by a Korean lady
that running around holding piece of paper and ordering around the waitress, she is the owner. 

Overall it's a nice dinner, and recommend for a meat lover. The meat was seasoning well, tender and juicy.
Besides meat, they also served other dish that i forgot the name, too unfamiliar for me. 
Before main dishes came, they'll serve you with banchan (side dishes) , oksusu cha (Korean corn tea)
and a big plate of various kinds of greens to wrap the meat 

Alcoholic drink, smells like "tape"


In my opinion, this place it's affordable compare to other similar BBQ restaurant, but however
they provide a fast & efficient services along with fresh & good quality food.

Until next belly station,


Chung Gi Wa (정기와)
Jl. Darmawangsa III No 2
South Jakarta 12160
Tel. 6221-726 1924
tips : make a phone call beforehand or you have to wait :(

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