30 October 2013

Pevonia : Ligne Sevactive for Dry Skin

This product is simply divine, works so magically reducing my dry skin breakout
during my pregnancy phase. And yes, since it's paraben free so I choose this product as
my pregnancy skincare routine :) 

- Dry Skin Cleanser
- Dry Skin Lotion
- Dry Skin Cream
& additional eyecream that moisturized my eye area

I use this product twice daily, and it's been almost two months. 
my skin feels soft, small acne during my pregnancy hormone that can be seen on my forehead 
it's now completely gone, I hate those acne & I never had acne before in my life so 
it bit frustrated for me. I notice from my cheek and neck area, the skin complex slightly improved.
definitely creates a lovely spa luxurious experience at home :)

Let's check this product one by one :)

you can get this dryskin travel kit at their website

Important step from this skincare routine. At first this product kinda annoyed me.
since i'm used to a product that overly perfumed with thick texture cream to cleaned my face,
makes me wonder, why this product so light? how come it's works like lotion?
but the day after tomorrow, I'm so in love with this product! it's so gentle :)
 Leaves no filmy residue, my face re-hydrate, feels soft & plump.

and I think it's because of  the key ingredients :
- Rose Essential Oil
- Hazel Nut Oil
- Safflower Oil
- Cucumber
- Horsetail

It's alcohol free & smells so nice :)
Absorb easily with Healing Aloe and soothing Chamomile combine to refresh &
re-hydrate while controlling the dryness. While others using old fashioned method
by pouring lotion to cotton and swipe it on their face. I prefer using a spray bottle
and within 20cm distance, I spray this product all over my face including the neck
and gentle massage until it all absorb. Use this product twice daily (morning & night)
you'll love how your skin moisturized & feeling fresh :)

the key ingredients :
- Aloe
- Lettuce
- Chamomile
- Allantoin
- Clary Sage Essential Oil

When you applied this product twice daily (morning & night)  it glides over your delicate skin and blends quickly to your skin. With thick & creamy consistency you'll amazed how this product
won't leaving any sticky residue at all, it's almost like water. 
Offering UV protection while works magically re-hydrate my dry crack skin,
this cream definitely now in my top list skin care. 

Deeply nourishing & eliminate dryness at the same time,
and it's also tonifying, stimulating, oxygenating and works
as environmental shield to protects our delicate skin from fine lines & anti aging
nice, right? :) 

This products consists of :
- Squalane: Nourishing, hydrating
- Pear Seed Extract: Repairing, anti-aging
- Royal Jelly: Energizing, oxygenating, anti-aging
- Shea Butter: Nourishing, healing
- Hyaluronic Acid: Moisture bonding

Since my skin or you might say my whole face had a bit breakout,  thanks to 
pregnancy hormone. So I decided to add this Evolutive Eye Cream from Pevonia onto my skincare routine.
It's not easy to review eye cream, why? you can't expect to see the results within 3 months.
you need to use it consistently more or less 365 days or 1 year. So, I'm gonna share
my 1 month experience using this product.

first of all it's paraben free :) , it won't leave any sticky residue.
Absorb quickly around your eye area within 10 seconds, smells so nice & light.
Fragrance free with high antioxidant formula.
It's has an impressive amount of water so it's really help to rehydrate your eye area.

It has light creamy texture almost water based.
Work in unison to repair fine lines and crepiness enabling you to reveal a youthful eye contour.
and yes, I can feel a slightly nice improvement around my eye wrinkle and dark circle.
it helps a lot moisturizing your eye area while nourishing it.
So, it will give you firm & tighten finish.

Squalane, Vitamin A, E and Chitosan Ascorbate
 it's their main ingredients to firming eye countour treatment.
Overall, this product it's recommend, I love how my eye area looks so bright & relaxed.
and it helps me to reduce puffiness :)

If you're wondering whetever you need eyecream or not? I suggest use it as soon as possible.
better prevent it from now :)

Did you know? Pevonia Botanica its a high end brand
that used by many Spas around the world & Award Winning products
containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients.

Curious about Pevonia Botanica? check out on their :

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  1. jadi pengen coba nih.. kulitku juga dry ci..kayaknya patut di coba nih >_<
    btw, produknya bs dibeli via online ga? coz disini ga ada counternya :(

    1. atau kamu bisa email langsung ke representativenya : lola@pevonia.co.id

  2. bisa beli online dewie, langsung klik linknya aja di link produk di atas.
    oke banget buat dryskin, muka jadi kenyal2 dan moist

  3. waaah~~ Mommy wanna be!! Congratulation ya cii buat si kecil. Uda berapa bulan? ;D

  4. perlu dicoba nih, soalnya kulitku super kering heheee

  5. Lotion provides relief for more than just ordinary dry skin. It was specifically developed for those who suffer from red.