30 October 2013

Geo Super Nudy Grey & Geo Cafe Series Mimi Coffee Latter Lens Review

Been ages since my last softlens review, and I still owed 2 review post to
Flora, owner of geo coloured lenses kindly enough accept my reason
why I postponed lens review, my bad tough. But I cannot help about it
since both of my eyes were irritated, doctor said I cannot wear any lenses
until my eyes return to it's best conditions. #sorry #badblogger

But now, fear not! I'm back in shape!
only need final check up at Penang, Malaysia by the end of this month :)

So, let's move on with the lens review.
They sent me 2 lenses it's Mimi in Grey & Brown Color

Both of these lenses are comfortable & the color goes really well
not too much and not sheer, you can use it as your regular daily lenses
without standing out and grab too much attention. Especially the brown one.

Let's check one by one shall we :)

Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

It's comfortable to use 5-6 hours without any irritation, layers so thin fit perfectly in my eyes.
Pattern bit overwhelmed but once you put it on, these lenses creates immediate mystery or gloomy effects.
For some people it might not be your daily lenses since it stand out a bit, but if you combine it
with soft makeup, you'll see why I love this lenses :)

Check out how awesome this lenses enlarge your pupil 

combine with full smokey eye shadow makeup or light natural brown that suits your needs :)


Power Range: 0.00~-6.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

no wonder they name it Cafe Series, see the pattern?
it resemble of Coffee Latte with whipped design on top of it :)

The pattern so cute, creates dolly eye effect with 15mm enlargement.
These lenses are very comfy with 6-8 hours daily use, 
Under most lights, the design is hard to notice especially in a dim light.
 These lenses are not vibrant so it's suit perfectly for you who loves natural lenses.

So which one you love the most? and why?

The mysterious dark

The Cute Natural Brown

Ps : I'm wearing dark long wig  :)

You can get this lenses from Geo Coloured Lens.com
they are offering free standard worldwide delivery #yayyy
and they are currently have promotions & new Geo collections

Until next post,



  1. cuteee banget ci!
    softlens mimi nya kece nian! patternnya bagus..:D

  2. aku suka yang latte deh,
    cute sekali fotdnya ce :D love your post!

  3. Cakepp ci yg mysterious dark. Kayak bonekaaaa :*
    Lens nya cakep2 yaaa warnanya :D