20 September 2013

Pevonia Botanica : Sun Line Review

Back with skin care review from Pevonia Botanica.
Pevonia Botanica is a luxurious,very effective, spa-centric skincare line.
All of their product are PARABEN FREE!!!

I tried their sun line range : LIGNE SOLIEL
it's a great line product that protects, hydrates and restores the skin
for before and after sun time. 

it might appear so thick & white cast
but once you applied and blend it into your skin, you'll love how it smells and
how this product works nicely onto you skin & absorb transparently.

the best part its, this product applicable for everyday use, swimming activities or any sun exposures.

This product formulated with with phyto-extracts not only to helps 
protect my skin from the sun’s damaging UVA & UVB ray.
It's also leaves skin feeling pampered, and just a bit cooler and more comfortable.
Texture bit creamy but it's a non greasy product. I used this product all over my face & body.

Easily absorb and soothing skin. This product might bit pricey, but with a little lux
you'll feel how it's protect your skin from hydration and moisturizes under the sun.
Suitable for all skin types, you can use this product for daily activities or for beach vacation.

I'm a beach & sun girl, so sun screen are important to me.
I've been used many sunscreen until now, and Pevonia Botanica now are on my top list!!
works well with my sensitive skin, no break out at all :)
ohh and btw, it's also prevents premature aging on your face and body.

Key Ingredients :
Titanium Dioxide
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E)
Calcium Ascorbate (Vit. C)

2. Phyto Aromatic Mist

Paraben & Alcohol FREE :)
Use during or after sun exposure, or as desired by simply spritzing all over your face and body.
A delightful blend of  :

pic : google

Calendula Flower 
pic : google

French Rose
pic : google

It's formulated to balance and restore your skin's natural moisture.
instead smells like chamomile, i find it's has orange scent.
spray it all over your face or body with 30-50cm away from your skin,
let it absorb and feels how it's sooth your tired skin :)

Gives you an aromatic and refresh smells, this product absorb very fast
onto your skin, and it really refreshing :)
it's good for dry, normal & slightly oily skin
tips :
- put it on a fridge before you spray it on your skin *blissful o'heaven
- you can even use this product to set your makeup  it will gives your a nice dewy glow
and it can last for almost 8 hours
- too bad this product so big for traveling, so i have to replace the bottle, but it's just minor :)

both of this product are my bff for traveling :)


Update :
i just got third product from Pevonia Sun Line

this is so recommend!! why? *let's the pic do the talk

My sun damage saviour!!
you don't have any idea, how hurt my skin was.
i was stupid enough not applying any sun block / sun screen
during my last trip to beach, as you can see from these picture below.
the first picture, show you the 3rd day after my vacation,
redness and sunburn so painful, i can't even move when it's come to bed time :(
so horrible *so let's me remind you again : always wear your sun block!
if you don't like the greasy residue, use pevonia sunscreen (watery)

3rd day after sun exposure

you'll love when this products touch your skin
so smooth, sooth and pampering
feels so cold and watery, makes it easy absorb to your skin.

you can see this product works instantly, first applied and 30 minutes later
i can see the redness faded away a bit.
it does relieve painful sunburn discomfort and immediately decrease skin's temperature
with this cooling and refreshing emulsion.
after 8 days (day and night application) *thank God

look at this product texture, so watery!

Key Ingredients
Water Lily
Sodium Palmityol Proline (Amino Acid)
Green Tea

Love the green tea & chamomile smells, it works fine with any skin.
it doesn't break out at all. NO ALCOHOL & NO PARABEN
alcohol dry out your skin!

tips : if you have any breakout on your face, try this product
twice a day, for 10 days. you'll see how your skin feels so hydrated & moist :)

Did you know? Pevonia Botanica its a high end brand
that used by many Spas around the world & Award Winning products
containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients.

Curious about Pevonia Botanica? check out on their :

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  1. baguss banget reviewnya ci, bisa worth gitu ya..
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    jd skrg klu keluar hrs pake Neutrogena spf 50 hehehe

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  3. Enjoy your activities outdoor with Pevonia Sun Line, and let the sun shine, and be happy :)

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