20 September 2013

Hollywood 20's Makeup Challenge (Sponsored by theBalm)

Sorry for my absence this past few weeks and i've been Missing in Action
However, i'm gonna bring a good news for you o' beauty lover
who always seek for a makeup challenge :)

since your prizes sponsored by thebalm Indonesia
and Instain Blush is their new line, all you have to do is :

Create Hollywood 20's makeup 
choose one of those 6 shades, recreate the makeup from 
instain packaging illustration, simple!

How to join these makeup challenge?
1. Follow my GFC | FB Page | Twitter

2. Follow theBalm FB Page | Twitter

3. Submit your makeup with 3 conditions :

I've entered makeup Challenge #Makeup20s host by PygmalionLand
and sponsored by theBalm Indonesia
copy & paste it : TheBalmID FB PAGE (for registration)

#Makeup20s @PygmalionLand @theBalmID (twitter / twitpic)

email : kotakpos.mei @gmail.com (Subject : Makeup 20's)
name | FB id | Twitter id | Phone number | Address | e-mail
& attach your makeup creation using valid template

4. You have to include which instain blush picture inspired you
side to side with your makeup creation (Valid Template)
(you can save the picture, at the last post)

5. There will be 2 winners with super awesome prizes!
you might don't wanna miss this makeup challenge

#1 winner will get :
theBalm Instain blush (you can choose your shade) &
theBalm Nude Tude Pallete

#2nd winner will get :
theBalm Instain blush (you can choose your shade) &
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Pallete


So, Which Instain Lady that you want to recreate?
Choose within this 6 shades!
Be wild & creative

Note :
for Indonesia resident only & you may submit more than one creation

This makeup challenge sponsored by
theBalmID , do visit their page and 
find for further information :)

Needs Inspiration?

Good Luck!!



  1. OMG it SO COOL #menggebu gebu !!!
    Kibarkan Bendera Make UP XD

  2. wawww..ikutaaaaannnn ci..cetar!! hihihi

  3. kyaaaaa.. panik ini panikkk.. langsung semediii

  4. Mw ikutan, theme & hadiahnya keren! :)


  5. Semua harus ikutan!! hadiahnya keren banget dari thebalm Indonesia :)

  6. My very first MUC!! Super excited C:
    Check my look here :D