20 August 2013

Makeup Challenge : Theme {Crestfallen}

Howdy :) , been awhile since i held my last makeup challenge.
I saw a lot of makeup challenge lately, and most of them came with quite interesting theme.
and i'd like to do so, since i just read a nice book written by @flolady_ochie :

A Tale of Crestfallen

i'm so in love with the character, story and the emotion of this book.
a story about a girl name crestfallen that 
seeking for something that missing,
seeking and asking for something that always missing.

it's not a happy ending book I warned ya :(
this book reflects what really happen in life.
Love & hate that comes and goes in a reality way!!!

This book hand drawing by a talented illustrator @blackentheRed
you can visit her blog here. I love how she interpreted the character
into gloomy yet beautiful & feminine lady!

  Enough with the introduction, let's move on to the makeup challenge.

Read this simple rules:
1. there will be 2 winners 
1st winner will get : "Tale of Crestfallen" book & Etude Dear My Blooming lips talk
2nd winner will get : "Tale of Crestfallen" book Etude Color My Brows #2

2. do follow & like :

3. twitpic & share your makeup creations to 
@PygmalionLand @FloLady_Ochie 
with hastag : #CrestfallenBeauty

4. Makeup Theme :
the challenge is to recreate the character (Crestfallen) 
based on your own imagination

5. Contest end September 15th 2013 -  23:59PM (for your last twitpic)
and it's not open international :(

6. Prizes

1. Color My Brow #2
this is my fave brow pencil, used this for almost 2 years now.
so recommend. And i just got this product from my sister
that recently back from Korea :) . she bought me 5 !!
so i decided to give it away 1 for the second winner

2. Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #PK006
this one is my fave color. smooth, easy glides on and moist :)
3. And one copy of limited edition "Tale of Crestfallen" like mine!

*Peraturan bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu,
dan keputusan pemenang tidak dapat di ganggu gugat.

Best of luck guys :)



  1. wah seruu nih ci..semoga ga ada halangan, aku ikuttt hihi <3

    1. ayo ikutan, challengenya beda dari yang lain
      inspirasi dari tokoh novel :)

  2. Crestfallen~~~~! Pengen ikutaaann. Uda punya banyak ide tapi skill makeupnya bulukan. huhu

  3. i'am in ceeeeee semoga beruntung de kali ini hehehehe

    1. Harus ikutan! Penasaran liar hasil imajinasi masing masing nih :)

  4. yaaay challenge!! pengen join.. :) *nyariinspirasi*

  5. keren nih challenge nya! ga mainstream temanya :3
    ikutan aaah XD

  6. DOne Donee Donee~
    Begitu baca langsung buru" submmit ke twitter..
    Penampakan bukunya langsung bikin jatuh hati..
    Hwaa T.T i want that book so badly..

  7. ikutan yaa c.. tertarik banget ama karakter crestfallen.. ^^

  8. iih bagus banged =) I hope I can join hehehe... sedikit sibuk belakangan ini hehe
    by the way new follower here =) http://chubzlicious.blogspot.com/

  9. Gak punya bukunya tapi langsung suka begitu liat ilustrasinyaa! Ikutaannnn.. hihihi.. Aku udah twitpic sama pajang-pajang foto sisanya di blog gue, cekidoootttt.... :D


    Mari mari mampiirrr ^^