12 August 2013

Event : Biotherm Skin Care

Another event report from one of my favorite skin care : Biotherm
last week, got invited from BBM (Carnellin) to attend Biotherm gathering.
we'll have bit presentation about biotherm history, mini facial and skin consulting.

Biotherm is a French luxury skin care company owned by L'Oréal 
under the Luxury Products division. Biotherm was acquired by L'Oréal in 1970. 
It is developed and manufactured in research laboratories in Monaco, 
under the direction of biologist Lucien Aubert and his team of researchers.

Biotherm originated from mineral water. 
In early 20th century, the French biologist Mme Jeanine MARISSAL 
discovered mineral thermal spring waters under Pyrenees mountain in the southern part of France 
which contained thermal plankton, supposedly a key to healthy skin and a potent skin rejuvenator
(source wiki & brief explanation from Mr. Ari)

I used biotherm product almost 5 years now, i love how this product
really rehyrdate my dry skin ( i used the pink aquasource range)
it works really nice and show the result within 3-4 months

and last week, i just found out they have BBcream & White Dtox CCcream, wow!
i tried and swatch this product on my hand, to observe their shade.
first impression, it's so light and easy to absorb.
curious? let's find out :)

4 shades to pick based on your needs

as you can see above, those are new to me.
I never saw or use this products before, all i can say for first impression.
it works fast, easy absorb to your skin. using for about 5 hours and
my skin don't have any irritations sign nor dryness.
works like it stated : OIL FREE! hooray
(i used CCglow & BBcream)
note : as for bbcream shade, i'm not sure how many of them :(

let's move on to skincare :) 

Skin Ergetic
To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, 
give your skin a new energy source - a powerful boost of moisture and radiance. 
Biotherm anti-fatigue revolution

as for this product, i wish i can give your full review, hence.
today post i'm just giving you some information for your fatigue skin
look at the texture, easily absorb and smells nice.

this product design for skin that require special needs : Fatigue Skin

Aqua Source Serum
(for day and night)

92% of women who tried Aquasource Deep Serum 
felt their skin deeply hydrated, luminous and more uniform. 

3x more concentrated in thermal plankton cellular water and mannose ( than aquasource). 
Aquasource deep serum is a deep moisture and light concentrate that leaves skin 
deeply bound with water: plump, fresh and silky.

I really love these watery texture, the minute you pump it on my hand,
the serum glides down like water. It's obvious these serum will leave you
no sticky residue at all :) . These serum used as the very first step on your skin care routine.
green for day and blue for night.

Biotherm also have skin care for men, most of them
smells fresh perfume. These products focus on man problem such as
oil control, youth skin and anti aging (recharge).
I know sometimes it's hard for man finding skincare review, since there are less
man blogger that focusing on skin care.

let's pray oneday, may husband willing to become one of man reviewer at my blog :P

after, the brief and swatching the product, biotherm kindly enough provide us 
a mini facial at Central Park beauty lounge :).
Did you know, if you are a member of biotherm. You can free facial once every month.
just purchase product IDR 1Mio to become biotherm member.

Last but not least, Photo Keluarga LOL

Thank you Biotherm & BBM for your lovely invitation.

Until next post,


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