10 July 2013

Event : New Technology of Sweet Chocolate 2013 Johnny Andrean

New Technology of Sweet Chocolate by Johnny Andrean
It's their most favorite color trend in 2007-2008, back by popular demand.
2013 they strike back with Sweet Chocolate for Indonesian ladies.
presents more edgy and modern hair colors 

It's an attractive and warm retro colors for the latest hair trends and it's applied
by new coloring technic innovation by Johnny Andrean's creative team.
It will make your hair more beautiful with healthier strands and perfect shine.

Using special avocado and grape seed oil to protect and add nutrition for hair strands,
the new formula will boost more beautiful hair color, shinier and easy to style.

Johnny Andrean lauched 3 suitable color for Indonesian women's :

1. Chocolate Mahogany : looks nice on "kuning langsat" skin
2. Chocolate Cherry : suitable for "sawo matang" / brown skin
3. Chocolate Golden : perfect for bright skin

last week, invited by Ms. Shinta to try Johnny Andrean
Sweet Chocolate Hair Coloring

but, since i dyed my hair almost choco color, so Johnny Andrean team, lead by Mas Tommy
decided to put on cooper highlight for me. kinda nervous, i never highlight my hair before.

warm welcome from Ms. Gita at Johnny Andrean,
showering us with tons of cake and fruit.

Before I start coloring & highlighting, let me show you my before hair.
it's bit dark brown with no highlight at all.

after they looked at my hair, discuss that i can try highlight.
so, the coloring began :

then, waiting waiting waiting 
chit chat with Ms. Gita, she's so nice :)
drink and wait, can't wait to see the result.


look at that, cooper highlight!!

Love those highlight!! volumizing my hair.
you have to try this, so refreshing :)

after i'm done with my hair, Jhonny's team treat me with delicious lunch

Thank you, Johnny Andrean for inviting me :)

for your information, Jhonny Andrean are one of the famous Salon in Indonesia,
established 1987, a market leader in salon business with a wide range of beauty treatments
for hair and skin. Using high quality products by International standards.
In addition to the salon, Jhonny Andrean also has school of Hair and Makeup which has
created many famous hairdressers and makeup artists.

This is my highlight and my hair condition after 3 days

look smooth and shinier :)

If you'd like to try this highlight, please mention 
Meilani (PygmalionLand) blogger highlight :)

Until next post,



  1. Ce Mei looks so elegant with that hair :)

    1. makasi :) , first time highlighting my hair, turns out nicely done

  2. cakeeppp..bagus hasilnya..^^
    btw, mention ci mei bisa di semua salonnya kah? hahahaa

    1. iya bisa di jhonny manapun kok, kalau bingung.
      kasi lihat di hp aja foto highlightnya, bilang di highlight sama mas tommy jakarta.