10 July 2013

Event : Etude Carnaval

Etude 4th Time : Beauty Carnaval
held in Taman Anggrek, Jakarta - Indonesia.
this is annual event, the biggest one for a korea cosmetic brand in Indonesia.
last year held in Surabaya launching their sweet recipe collection.

and this time? they're launching their CC Cream + BB Cream cotton fit
 along with healthy face movement campaign :)

thank you Etude for giving me this 2 products, love it.
instantly brighten my face 

so, invited and challenged by Etude House
to recreate korean sweet look, they provide all of the makeup
with a tutorial from Korean Makeup Artist.

look at my blotty face, only use a eyeliner since i know i have to
wash all of my makeup for the challenge.

this is what i use to recreate korean sweet darling look 

before we start do our own makeup,
while we're cleaning our faces, the makeup artist from korea
demonstrate how to create this korea sweet darling look

this how the sweet korean look 


so, let's roll on :)
clean face & CC cream applied (right picture)
look how matte my face is :)

and this is the final look
*photo bombeb (can you guess who?)

Thank you Etude :)

Until next post,



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