03 July 2013

4th Edition : Beauty Review under 100K

4th Edition Beauty Review Under 100K
Thefaceshop mini capsule pack wash off
Lovely Me:EX Happy Chu Lip

let's roll on with full review shall we :)

Thefaceshop mini capsule pack wash off

This product have a 4 variants for different needs :
1. Cucumber : 
Soothes skin from the heat (it has cucumber texture inside)

2. Seaweed
Using sebum powder for clean skin, and did you know
seaweed complex give a clear and sooth skin?
Texture : Creamy

3. Macanu Honey
Honey goods for your skin, it's provide vitamins for healthy skin.
and it has moisture texture

4. Pomegranate
Pomegranate extract brightens your skin tone.
it's has a gel texture.

Tips : 
after apply this mask, do 1-2 minutes all over your faces
and let the product sit in for about 15 minutes.

I love how small this size is, it's travel pack
so light and easy to use (wash off type)

as for me, this is how i use them for 1 month skincare :
(1st week, Pomegranate, help me brighten up my skin first) 
(2nd week i use cucumber to soothe my skin) 
(3rd week i use seaweed to give me a healthy complex skin)
(4th week, it's time to nourish my face with Honey)

and voila, clean and sooth skin :)


Lovely Me:EX Happy Chu Lip

it's not lipstick nor liptint. i guess i can simply call it lipbutter with tinted color :)
- this product can give you a moist protection for whole day 
- no mint * i really don't like mint , allergic to it
- smells sweet but not too strong to torture your nose :)
- sheer but buildable with couple swipe
- has a good staying power, use it for lunch for about 4 hours, it still has natural stain
- packaging average, the cap and body from plastic
- it's a twist on product

if you'd like to buy this cute baby, you can order this from
Lovely Pinky, and you'll get 5% discount
for purchase over 100K :)
BB Pin : 28 DFE 236

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  1. Wahhh mantep banget lip butternya....
    Tapi kalau dibibirku bisa tahan gak ya secara pakai lipstik aja gak stay lama hahaha


  2. Bagus bener warna lipbutternya. Tahan lama juga.

  3. lip butternyaaaaa..huhuw mauuu..
    thanks racunnya ci..hihi