18 June 2013

V10 Plus Skin Care

Have you ever heard of V10 plus skincare? 
it's a miracle skin care that won a lot of award

V10 plus its a japanese skin care that introduced by Ms. Akiko Yakota.
and here some recap of V10 plus journey until today.

let's find out more about V10 Plus 

V10 Plus mission is :
To ensure that the best and highest quality are delivered to cater all skin needs.

and this is their promise :
Results are proven, being the main reason behind the recognition of V 10 Plus serums over the years. 

so, what's V10 plus means anyway?

V = variety
they have 10 serums that cater to different skin needs.

1. Bio Stem Cell Serum
-For skin cells repair

2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum(No.1 Best Seller) 
-Dry and inner dry skin.

3. Amino Serum
-For dryness. Moisturizes the skin with marine collagen and decreases dullness.

4. Ceramide Serum
-For dry and sensitive skin. Fills the damaged horny layer and enforces
the barrier function of skin.

5. Licorice Serum
-Good for irritation and inflammations.

6. Pycnogenol Serum
-To eliminate activated oxygen that trouble your skin and also remedies 

7. Collagen Serum(No.2 Best Seller)
-Good for wrinkles and elasticity.

8. Placenta Serum(No.2 Best Seller)
-Effectively lighten spots, freckles and dullness

9. Vitamin-A Serum
-For your eye area, normalizes the turn over of the skin cells
and rejuvenate your skin. 

10. Vitamin-C Serum
-Minimizes pores and good for pimples.

with that 10 serum variety to choose,
i think you might confused how to pick the right serum right?
you can try using this fact sheet, and find your solution
Why i decided to try this product? since it's stated
The 10 points of V10 Plus:
-No Paraben *this is my first priority
-No artificial colour
-No mineral oil
-No chemical fragrance *thumbs up
-Water based *love aqua texture, easily absorb
-Customized serums for 10 skin problems
-Visible results in 10 days
-Colour therapy from colourful bottles
-Made in Japan.

So after i try the consultation sheet my results :
 E (Placenta Serum)

Placenta restrains melanogenesis and activates your skin by
 accelerating the growth of the cells. V 10 Placenta serum employs vegetable Placenta 
which is a mixed serum extracted from aloe, chlorella and pueraria.  

This serum is good for : Whitening!
It works effectively on spots, freckles and dullness. 
V 10 PLUS Placenta serum contains citric acid, 
which raises mineral absorption. 

D (Pycnogenol Serum)

Pycnogenol is a natural ingredient extracted from 
the bark of the French coastal pine in Southern France (Bordeaux). 
It has a great antioxidation effect, which is 350 times greater than Vitamin C 
and 170 times than Vitamin E. 

This serum is good for : Eliminating activated oxygen
It prevents your skin from any skin troubles 
caused by the activated oxygen and also remedies damages. 

Also, the functional characterization is that it strengthens 
the effects of vitamins, collagen, etc. 

V 10 PLUS Pycnogenol serum 
can be used as a fortification of your daily skin care.

So here's what i thought :
I think this product value for your money.
you'll only need 3 drop for each night and day
i've been using pynogenol serum for almost 3 weeks
and it only cost me 4 bar *see the bar perimeter

- so far no breakout
- it doesn't leave any sticky feeling
- easily absorb since it's water based
- love the texture :)
- this product soothing & deeply rehydrates my dryskin
- plump my skin
- although not much, but i notice slightly different improvement on my skin

After i done with my pynogenol serum to help me 
absobing antioxidant & repair my skin condition, i'm going to continue with
the placenta serum that works effectively on spots, freckles and dullness.
it'a good combination :)
Love how's my skin after use this serum :)
can't wait to try placenta serum after this.

Until next post