21 June 2013

Introducing : Kérastase Initialiste with Stem Cell

I think i never post hair care before, so bear with me, with my
long explanation, so you can get the point what i'm sharing here :)

Have you ever heard about Kérastase?
it's established in year 1964 in France, renowned throughout the world, 
Kérastase Paris has become the expert brand in luxury hair care experiences
and they also well known for their breakthrough invention : 
capillary mask: the legendary Masque au Maïs launched in 1987.

And today with their new innovation, 
Kérastase  creates a revolutionary care product inspired by
regenerating medicine and cosmetics.

What they are creating is double revolution called
Galenic & Expertise

the incontestable success of skincare serums
Super serums enabled the skincare market to find new areas of
growth and imposed themselves as a new incontournable step in
women’s care routine. They used to represent 10% of skincare offer,
today they represent about 20%!

Why Galenic anyway?
it is because they are packed with benefits:
- High-concentration of actives for high efficiency
- Multi-actions
- Potentialisation of daily care
- Ultra fluid texture for a rapid penetration

and here 2 examples of serums that changed market:
you can read my post about Lancôme Genefique here

regenerative medicine inspires cosmetics
These great scientific fields bring to the brands high caution.
Moreover, the opportunity of discoveries that exists within these
scientific territories enables brands to renew their offer and to
pre-empt these fields and to revendicate the expertise.

And that's bring us to STEAM CELL
I tried to google it and steam cell described as :
stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, 
that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types 
and can self-renew to produce more stem cells (wikipedia)

this is how steam cell illustrated

I'm not an expert of this stem cell thingy, please read through any book
or other source to further information :)

what i learnt that :
Steam cells multiply infinity to
regenerate and repair the skin in case of an aggression.
It's powerful yet fragile


with no further introduction, let me enlight you why i write this post
since steam cell it's a new innovation not only for body,
apparently they can be your haircare sublime :)

After 24 years of research, 10 publications, 
the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal 
discovered the existence of 2 stem cells pools at the hair follicle’s level
Stem cells are as precious as skin’s ones for the hair.
They enables the renewal of the follicle and the hair regeneration.

And since it's Fragile, so it's must be Protected
Stem cells tend to lose their regenerating power. 
Hair does not renew as well as it used to do. Its quality is altered. 

1. A healthy environment helps the hair follicle growth capacity. 
It also helps produce beautiful hair. 

2. Protecting and preserving both stem cells and their environment is, 
nowadays, one the main fields of research for the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal. 


So how to protect this steam cells?
i did wash my hair everyday, i nourished them with hairmasks, conditioner or even tonic.
is it enough? apparently according to Kérastase expert it's not enough
so they invented Kérastase Initialiste to regenerate :)

By protecting both stem cells and their environment
It is now possible to improve the fiber quality at its source.

and therefore let me introduce to you
Kérastase Initialiste with Stem Cell

the concept it's to Impulse the growth of a more beautiful and stronger hair 
at its source the first serum that creates perfect hair

Kérastase takes up the major capillary challenge and creates the 1st Concentrate
which generates at its source the growth of a stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

KERASTASE creates the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ® that integrates
the extraordinary potential of plants’ native cells to make it grow more beautiful and stronger
It optimizes the production of hair fiber from its roots and reinforces resistance and
elasticity of hair fiber for a perfect hair.

consists of :

1. Milions of plants’ native cells
known as an apple, famous for its exceptional conservation property.
< To maintain and optimize the folicular regenerating capital >

2. Anti-Oxydant polyphenols
To ensure the stem cells’ environment protection against oxydative stress
such as : pollution, UV, etc

3. A Gluco-Lipide which penetrates to reach the primary pool of stem cells.
< Nourish the hair at the root, so the fibre is stronger and healthier >
- The gluco part constitutes an energetic reserve which boosts the cellular
metabolism and enables a qualitative hair growth.

4. A New generation of ceramids
- imitate the natural hair ceramids -
They take place in the inter-scales spaces to reinforce resistance and
capilar fiber cohesion. Immediately hair is coated, softer and shinier.

offers to hair a true experience of coolness and voluptuousness. 
Thanks to its quick penetration and its non-oily touch, 
this fresh and soft serum gives a delightful application.

It has soft, fresh and sophisticated fragrance reminds skincare univers.

So, as a conclusion, what is Kérastase Initialiste anyway?
it's an Advanced scalp and hair concentrate
A perfect future for the beauty of your hair

With INITIALISTE, revealing a more beautiful hair fibre is now possible.

- Visible results within 7 days 
Hair feels thicker and fuller to touch
Hair has more shine and elasticity

- Within 1 month
Reduces hair breakage by 93%*
Hair quality is significantly improved
Hair is stronger from the root

*Reduction of 93% of hair breakage with the application of a Kérastase Bath and Initialiste 
compared to the application of a Kérastase Bath only.

And it's a leave in formula with 4ml per application
1 bottle = 5 weeks treatment

How to use this product?
Apply INITIALISTE the day of the shampoo :
- twice per week on thin hair
- up to 3  times per week on normal to thick hair.

1. Wash and treat your hair with your usual care products. 
2. Wring your hair. 
3. On thin hair, apply 2 pipettes of the Advanced Concentrate on the roots.
On normal to thick hair, apply up to 4 pipettes of the Advanced Concentrate on  the roots. 
1 dose = 1 pressure
4. Gently massage with your fingertips for optimal distribution. 
5. Do not rinse. Style as usual. 

Until next post with full review of this product :)


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