19 June 2013

Innisfree : Green Tea Sleeping Pack Review

Back with skin care review :)
been using this bottle for almost 2 months
and turn out, build up my complexion
along with that, my skin feel so plump and rehydrate
it has a soothing calming green tea scent :)

it's stated this product :
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack is a 
sleeping pack with organic Jeju green tea moisture and vitamin particles. 
It quenches your thirsty skin while you sleep, leaving it supple and clear.

100% Jeju Green Tea

Overall :
- the mask absorb quite fast
- bit creamy gel texture
- watery so it's easily absorb to your skin
- won't leave any sticky feeling
- no break out at all, since my skin so dry
- no stiff feeling, it just absorb like moisturizer

- when i tried on my "guinea pig" for oily skin,
it does break out for few days. after continuing this product
for almost a month, somehow it really supple the skin.
and i just found out, my guinea pig applied it too much, 
so he suffers from break out. *noted

- what i love is, the result in the morning, it's really brighten up you skin
- more supple and plump
- so it's a recommend for repurchase :)

I get this product from @agassibeauty, or you can visit her FB
and here's her phone number : 0899 5050 110.
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