24 June 2013

3rd Edition : Beauty Review under 100K


3rd Edition : Beauty Review under 100K
Etude House : Kissfull Tint Choux
Etude House : Water Color Blusher
Etude House : Look at My Eyes Shadow

Let's move on the first review :

Etude House : Kissfull Tint Choux #1 Red Chou Review

This product similar to their previous kiss-full tint choux
i think it's redesigned or renew by Etude House to confusing us
with their "oh my god they are so damn cute" packaging >.<

Overall this product :
- it has their glossy finish look
- non greasy and keep your lips hydrate
- love how natural it looks on my lips
- sweet scent but not overly perfumed
- texture more like watery gel, easy to glide on
- the glossy effect lasts only 1 hour (more or less)
- but it leaves a nice staining effect on your lips
- this is so suitable for everyday look
- did i mention it also affordable? 
- so small, so it's travel approved :)

too glossy? use tissue and blot it.
it will leave a nice and natural stained lips :)


Etude House : Water Color Blusher Review

Overall :
- texture not creamy, sort of liquid gel
- easy to blend and glides on your cheek
- love this coral color, really bring out summer mood
- bit sheer, but buildable
- you can apply it both with fingers and brush
- travel friendly, since it's small and light
- it feels so light and smooth on the surface
- staying power is average, been using it more than 3 hours
and cheek still a slightest tint blush on it.
- the scent i had a hard time to describe it, although it's still smell fine
- you can choose 4 shade that suits your needs

Etude House : Look at My Eyes Duet Review

this product comes in 4 shades, and i was happen got this purple color
which at first i thought it will be awful and hard to use.

but turn out, this product quite giving nice impression :)
first, it's a mix between matte and shimmer eye shadow
so you can bring this and and do nice touch up for evening event

i find it's too glittery and bit fall off everywhere.
other hand, the matte color works fine as a base and although bit sheer
this color is build-able, but somehow i'm not fond of the texture :(
so, does it has a good staying power? it's average
but good point, it won't crease 

as for the packaging, it's transparent but bulky so it does protect what inside.
and since it's so small, so travel approved

tips : use eyeshadow base to bring out the color more :)
it's suitable for everyday natural look.

if you'd like to buy this cute baby, you can order this from
Lovely Pinky, and you'll get 5% discount
for purchase over 100K :)
BB Pin : 28 DFE 236

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  1. Penasaran mau coba water Color Blusher~ kyakyakyaaa >.< Kissfull Tint Choux lucuuu bgt warnanyaa <3

  2. Oh really cute the lip tint and the blush!
    The eyeshadow looks very shimmering...


    1. yes, it's a nice and affordable product, you should give it a try :)

  3. LOVE these reviews, thank you so much for them! I really want to try the Etude House kissful tint! ;n;

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  4. kissfull tint sama dear darling bagusan mana sis? kayanya sama tuh hasilnya sama yang berry red