07 May 2013

Thefaceshop : You Make Me Glam Lovely Me:Ex Review

Raised your hand if you're gloss fan!!
why you need gloss? because it's instantly brighten up your face.
to help you choose gloss, i want to share my recent gloss.
this time, i'm gonna review "you make me glam"
from Thefaceshop : Lovely me:ex series.

this product comes with 5 shades

 And my reviewed is #2 Milky Pink

Overall :
- Texture thick and feel a bit tacky
- looks so natural
- packaging nothing special
- affordable, seriously!
- instantly brighten up your face :)
- i wear this comfortably, and now it's my everyday gloss
- quite tinted color, just choose your shade
- this milky pink suitable for everyday natural look 
- this gel-like consistency glides smoothly 
- have a moisturizing feel with tinted color
- smells sweet without a strong scent 

I get this product from @agassibeauty, or you can visit her FB
and here's her phone number : 0899 5050 110.
and as always, my new sponsor here, provide 5% disc
for all item with min. purchase 100K 

Until next post,



  1. Congrats dpt sponsor baru \(^.^)/
    Warnanyaa cakep deh :3 Sukaaaak :)

    1. Oke banget buat natural everyday look. And its affordable banget!