07 May 2013

Make Up For Ever : Aqua Eyes 0L (matte black) review

This is HOLY GRAIL!!
no kidding, why? i bet you read a lot of about waterproof or smudgeproof eyeliner.
in this post, i'm gonna add Gymproof & Beachproof statement!

This black eyeliner, called Aqua Eyes, from MUFE
i pick 0L (black matte) but they have other shade that suits your need

well, it might sound exaggerated, so bear with me :)
why I'm in love with Aqua Eyes :
- it applies nicely and glides smoothly
- no tugging when you apply
- the pigmentation is nice
- good lasting power
- since it's waterproof, you'll need a bit effort to take it off
- no waxy feeling
- texture : creamy, good for creating bold smokey eyes 
- well, bit pricey though

So here's the main highlight why i called it holy grail :
1. I wear it 7 hours office time, then i hit gym with this product on,
taking bodypump & bodycombat class, that required a lot of sweat all over your face.
result?? only smudge a little, since i have to wipe sweat while i'm working out for 3 hours.

2. I went to beach and wear this product.
why you have to wear makeup while you're playing or swimming?
answer is simple, i'm so curious about this aqua eyes campaign,
so i can't help myself feeling so curious than i tried and tested it back then
i went to the beach doing snorkeling and swimming activities. Results?? :
it's smudge a little from my snorkeling activities, since you have to
rub your face every time the salt water got into your eyes.
but the next day, strolling around the beach from early morning
until noon, the liner stay put. AMAZED!

so, I really like this Aqua Eyes make up
if it can stay through gym and swimming activities
imagine, how it's gonna stay at your daily activities?

can you spot my  liner stay put :)
photo taken by phone, so it might bit unclear.

if you're interested in this product,
you can buy it at well known mall or 
just drop by to MUFE Indonesia FB page
for further information

Until next post,



  1. kemarin aku order ini juga dan bener2 kesengsem <3
    baguss banget staying power nya, tapi mahal untuk ukuran eyeliner pensil lol

    1. Iya. Oke banget staying powernya.
      Tar akan coba review dupe nya deh :)

  2. Asiiik ada review baru \(^_^)/
    enak banget yaa beachproof and gymproof! Worth to try banget inii :3
    Harganyaa ;;A;;