21 May 2013

Event : OB for Shu Uemura

I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia last saturday at Debenhams Senayan City, Jakarta.
Shu Uemura released whimsical limited edition collection - four princesses :
The Moon, Forest, Cherry Blossom, and Ocean Princesses.

This collection were made by 20 year old Japanese contemporary artist OB 
from Kaikai Kiki Group (founded by Takashi Murakami)
read her complete profile here

So, what's about this collection anyway?

turns out, it's a "redesign" or "repackaging" by shu uemura collaborated with
illustrator and it's a very limited edition design for shu uemura lover.
inspired by their famous cleansing oil, then, OB, the talented illustrator
translated this 4 princesses into a cute fine art.

This product only available around the world from May-July 2013
so, if you better hurry or it will sold out :)

each of these princess have their own concept.

and here's the redesign packaging inspired with 4 princesses

 (Left to right: Dark Brown 896, Medium Brown 852, Medium Brown 864, 
Soft Beige 814, Soft Blue 630, Soft Green 434, Soft Pink 132, and Soft Purple 716) 


let's roll on yesterday event, so they invited few beauty bloggers.
they have a makeup demo, illustrator live show and princess look a like contest.
They start the show ON TIME!! *please give Shu Uemura team big applause :)

meet these 4 amazing illustrators, with their own style. these 4 amazing illustrator
drew each of this princesses using Shu Uemura makeup *yeah i know!!
you can asked them draw your face, i got mine from Citra Kemala.
Always admire Diela portfolio, Love Lidia colourful and cute illustration.
oh and btw, Lidia and I was once worked together :)

and this is what she drew for my birthday :)

And here's the art exhibition, painted by them using Shu Uemura makeup product
By : Citra Kemala - Cherry Blossom Princess

By : Diana Apsari - Moon Princess

By : Diela Maharani - Forest Princess

By : Lidia Puspita Dulam - Sea Princess

Live sketch & Makeup Demo

Diela Maharani Interviewed by MC, asked her about art she made.

The crowd at Shu Uemura

The famous Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Illustration made by Citra Kemala for me based on my makeup on event :)

With Feli, Miss Dea (Shu Uemura), Rini who won the best makeup and Me

Goodies Bag from Shu Uemura

Thank you for having me love your event :)
lovable event, with lovely concept.
what do you think, if I host a LookALike-MakeUp using 
4 princesses theme? do comment below

Until next post,



  1. PACKAGING SUPER CUTE! I want them all >.<

  2. Moon Princess by Diana Apsari keliatan bagus banget ya :) *salah fokus*

  3. Ayok host ci!!

    Tapi plis lokasinya jangan jauh-jauh, di pusat plis T_T