07 May 2013

Astalift : Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Review

If you read my previous post, I did mention that Astalift come to Indonesia.
A highend brand from Japan, under Fujifilm Coorporation that
develop award winning product in Japan.

in this post, i'm gonna share recent product from Astalift :
Light Analyzing Moisturize Foundation
it's stated : delivers optimal light for a luminescent complexion is infused with 
super antioxidant Astaxanthin to minimise oxidation of sebum on the skin surface, 
and hydro-soluble Collagen to retain moisture in the skin.

Available in few shades :

let's move on the review

Astalift Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Powder Puff 
Rp 37.000
- I love how this puff, easily transfer the product to my skin,
- spongy and soft to my sensitive skin
- quite thick, around 5mm more or less
- so light and love the texture that similiar to my latex pillow :)

Astalift Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Powder Case 
Rp 130.000
- quite bulky so protec the product :)
- love this red high class glossy design
- easy to use
- mirror attached
- travel size *you know how i love travel size product :)

Astalift Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Powder 
Rp 400.000
Overall this product :
- does cover and hiding my blemishes
- make the skin not dry
- it does balance out skin color
- giving you a natural finish
- after i use this product i feel like i don't need any highlighter,
somehow this powder works "alone" magicly 
- it has SPF 20/PA++,  prevent the harm from UVA & UVB
- carefully choose your shade, you won't ended up looking
like a pale sick human.
- has a good staying power, touch up needed when you're
overly active, i wear this 5-6 hours without touch up :)
- Moist my skin, love how this product didn't dry out my skin
- you're ready to go, without extra foundation *hassle free

How to properly use compact powder :)

Highlight from this product :
it's concern about skin tone, so this product improve skin tone appearances
in various lighting source. and i love how Fujifilm
combine their film innovation and applied it to cosmetic :)

Overall :
This product is recommend and worth for your money
if you're looking for a moisture compact this is your answer

Until next post,


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