22 May 2013

Skin Food : Choco Smoky Eyes Palette Review

I'm in love with this product!!
it has the cons and pros, but well. it's on my emergency makeup kit now :)
This Korea cosmetics brand called
Skin Food : Choco Smoky Eyes Palette
it's one of my favorite brand from Korea, love their skincare range
and use it for almost 5 years. Then, my eyes were stunned with this lovely pallete.

Been carrying this product around and always find "victim"
to try this product on. Results, they also love this product :)
Tried on normal and oily lid, both of them  has a good staying power.
and this product has a good pigmentation with wearable shimmer
for your everyday makeup.

21 May 2013

Tony Moly : Perfect Eyes Eyeliner Review

Review pertama produk Tony Moly nih :)
setelah mendapat banyak rekues untuk mereview eyeliner yang "ramah" di kantong
tapi maunya tahan lama dan ga gampang luntur. Dan kebetulan banget, Agasi Beauty
mengirimkan eyeliner ini. Setelah dicoba beberapa minggu, produk ini cukup
rekomen untuk pencinta atau penggila eyeliner lho.

Event : OB for Shu Uemura

I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia last saturday at Debenhams Senayan City, Jakarta.
Shu Uemura released whimsical limited edition collection - four princesses :
The Moon, Forest, Cherry Blossom, and Ocean Princesses.

This collection were made by 20 year old Japanese contemporary artist OB 
from Kaikai Kiki Group (founded by Takashi Murakami)
read her complete profile here

So, what's about this collection anyway?

17 May 2013

Etude House : Cupcake Eyes OR201 Fresh Mango Tango Review

Another beauty review under 100K
it's from 2nd edition :)

I just cant get enough of Etude House product,
so cute, nicely design, new innovation >.<

Eyeshadow from Color Recipe series,
they come in 5 shades as you can see below :

And i'm gonna review 
Cupcake Eyes OR201 Fresh Mango Tango
when you open outer packaging, you'll find tin aluminium
and each of shade of the color represent by fruit/food on the top of the cap.
so, will this product show a good pigmentation? let's see :)

Etude House : All Over Color RD301 Review

Etude House : All Over Color
as usual, etude house never failed to impress me with their innovation & design.
new concept from sweet recipe launched last year with lot of new range
and product that you can't wait to try.

heard and saw All Over Color review from many blogger around the world.
so i can't help myself to try one of these and write the review for you guys :)
Why it called All Over Color? because you can use it all over your face.
you can use it on your lip, blush and eyes.

And here's 5 shade you can pick :
PK001 - Blueberry Cheese Cake
PK002 - Strawberry Chiffon Cake
RD301 - Raspberry Mousse Cake
OR201 - Orange Choux Cake
OR202 - Peach Sugar Cake

in this post, i'm gonna share with you
RD301 - Raspberry Mousse Cake

so, let's roll on with the swatch shall we :)

08 May 2013

Pygmalion Land 8th Giveaway {Writing Contest}

Pygmalion Land 8th Giveaway
sponsored by : Masami Shouko

This time I'm hosting my 8th Giveaway and above are your prizes.
1. Spring Heart Volume Mascara Koji - Rp. 169.900

It's a writing contest for 5 Winners!
each winner will get 3 products

07 May 2013

Koji : Spring Heart Lashes Review

I think this is my first time, review false lashes :)
Koji : Spring Heart Natural Lashes

this lashes comes with a nice packaging, complete with glue lashes attached.
i used the glue, but turn out the staying power not so good :(

Here's the highlight :
- these lashes create natural looks with medium length lashes.
- easy to use, even for beginners, since the base thick yet soft enough to glued on your eyes.
- i find these thick base creates natural eye lines. 
- packaging so kawaii, always love Japanese product, cuteness overload.

let's move on with full detail :)

Make Up For Ever : Aqua Eyes 0L (matte black) review

This is HOLY GRAIL!!
no kidding, why? i bet you read a lot of about waterproof or smudgeproof eyeliner.
in this post, i'm gonna add Gymproof & Beachproof statement!

This black eyeliner, called Aqua Eyes, from MUFE
i pick 0L (black matte) but they have other shade that suits your need

well, it might sound exaggerated, so bear with me :)
why I'm in love with Aqua Eyes :

Thefaceshop : You Make Me Glam Lovely Me:Ex Review

Raised your hand if you're gloss fan!!
why you need gloss? because it's instantly brighten up your face.
to help you choose gloss, i want to share my recent gloss.
this time, i'm gonna review "you make me glam"
from Thefaceshop : Lovely me:ex series.

this product comes with 5 shades

Astalift : Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation Review

If you read my previous post, I did mention that Astalift come to Indonesia.
A highend brand from Japan, under Fujifilm Coorporation that
develop award winning product in Japan.

in this post, i'm gonna share recent product from Astalift :
Light Analyzing Moisturize Foundation
it's stated : delivers optimal light for a luminescent complexion is infused with 
super antioxidant Astaxanthin to minimise oxidation of sebum on the skin surface, 
and hydro-soluble Collagen to retain moisture in the skin.

Available in few shades :

let's move on the review