24 April 2013

Sunscreen for Face

I love beach, sand, sea, ocean, blue sky, marshmallow cloud.
so, I always find any perfect time to visit them. love the sound of the wave,
love the sun, love my tanned skin, and how i love snorkeling watched those 
fish swim near corals. Perfect holiday! agree with me?

However, there's one thing that i concern while i'm sunbathing or swimming at the sea.
it's the after burn rash at my skin. well, I used sunblock at my body, 
but somehow i don't like the greasy feeling when i apply sunblock at my face. 

If you play a lot under the sun without using any sunscreen this is what you got

- spot pigmentation *this is horror

- you'll feel uncomfortable feeling from sunburn

and the worst part, for not using any sunscreen for years,
especially if you doing a lot activities under the sun.
is THIS :
below you can see this old man face suffer
premature aging from sun damage to the left side of his face
25-year history of gradual, 
asymptomatic thickening and wrinkling of the skin on the left side of his face,
he driven a delivery truck for 28 years. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays transmit through window glass,
 penetrating the epidermis and upper layers of dermis.

So, doesn't matter what your activities is
whatever you play in the beach, going to school, drive a car,
or even doing grocery shop. Please wear sunscreen.
Get in the habit using high SPF sunscreen when you leave the house,
or find any moisturizer/primer that contains some amount of sunblock.

So, how to choose a good sunscreen for face? Here's some tips from me :
- Choose a sunscreen effective against both ultraviolet-A and ultraviolet-B (UVA and UVB)
- try it on your hand, it's easy to absorb?
- higher SPF it's better if you're exposed in sun in long time
- choose a light texture so you can use it daily or on vacation


from my last trip beach, I use this :
Make Up Forever UV Prime SPF 50/PA++

Love this product, works like magic :)
 - I don't suffer any sunburn
- love how it moist my face
- SPF 50/PA+++
- I can use for my daily sunscreen
- texture light, and easily absorb
- although color are white, when you applied it on your face,
blends flawlessly with your skin tone.
-  light formula illuminates and prepares the skin for make up application
- it's stated enriched with anti oxidants
- has a very enjoyable scent
- protects against both UVA and UVB rays

It's a squeeze tube, sometimes when i'm in hurry
i squeeze the product too much *arghhhh

Now, it's in my everyday sunscreen prime
and i always bring this product every time i travel :)
you should consider this product if you're seeking a sunscreen

and yes, it's help prevent my face from sunburn.
in fact, when i got home, my friends asked me :
"did you really went to the beach? there's no sign sunburn at all."

you can visit their : Facebook or Twitter for further information
it's easy to find their product, since Makeup Forever Indonesia
have a lot of boutique or store at any mall in Indonesia

Until next post,



  1. nice share :D
    sunscreen itu emang penting bgt (y)

  2. hah! segitu membahayanya, go under sun, tanpa sunscreen,

    harus pake ni.
    thank you ci for review, and for the advice.

  3. omg ci! >.<
    sampe separah itu klo gapake sunscreen
    sunscreen n sunblock emg penting banget!!

  4. Nice post!


  5. aku udah cek + nanya-nanya ke berbagai online shop dan harganyaaa sihhh mahal beuttt
    aku cek di olshop fb harganya 600an lebih , hanpir mau sejuta huhu

    gajadi beli deh kemahalan *plak x_x
    tapi spfnya sih nice hoho (y)

    1. Hey sorry to butt in, but there are so many great sunscreen that is not as expensive as MUFE. Maybe you could check out St. Tropez or some drugstore sunscreen would be just fine too..the difference maybe is just the texture of the product. :)

  6. wah kayanya aku ga bakal ke beli deh

  7. wow! i am 110 percent agree with this post. Especially in the tropical country like Indonesia. People are more likely being exposed to the sun ray! thus the risk is higher. Thank you so much for sharing this :0 very informative!

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