23 April 2013

Nature Republic : Polynesia Lagoon Water Hydro Cream Review

Looking for a easily absorb and watery texture skincare?
especially if you have a dry or super dry skin.
this could be your answer. Product from Nature Republic
Hydro Cream

It's Stated that this product :
- Enhances moisture retention and soothes irritated skin
- Moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic

And I've been using this for almost 20 days and here's what i thought :

- i always love product with watery texture
-easily absorb
- it does help to moisturizes my skin
- doesn't leave any greasy residue on my skin
- used it at morning and night as first base on my skin care
- it does show slight improvement on my skin, plump and moist
- i don't know about elastic, since i have a chubby cheek :)
so i always feel elastic LOL
- it's Korean Brand, you can buy this from Papuros Shop

love the fact, nature republic always use natural ingredients
The philosophy of this Korean brand is about “a sense of the beginning”
which pertains to the way beauty begins with things found in nature. 
and it's made from MD Water or Miracle of Medication Water,
unique formula of natural ingredients and purified water from all over the world 
made thru Nao-Phospholipids Technology.

This cream enriched with Polynesia Lagoon Water

where is this Polynesia located?

And here's the complete skin care range from
Nature Republic Lagoon Water 

And what I review here it's the Hydro Cream

Overall :
This cream works as a good moisturizer deep into your skin.
you can see the comparison at the picture above (with & without)
i have a dry and sensitive skin, and i didn't experienced any breakout
while i'm using this product.

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  1. i would very much appreciate it if u can put up the price dear!