08 April 2013

Event : Astalift - The Power of Red

Last week, got a nice event invitation from Astalift, the moment I read email subject
I was "What??? Astalift now coming to Indonesia? I once used their best seller Jelly Aquarista
bought it back then I visited Japan last year. So, I'm really excited :)

Astalift Indonesia brand ambassador, Olga Lydia greet me when I arrived at Rich Carlton Hotel
at Mega Kuningan, she is so nice with a marvelous glowing skin. Dress code : Red, based on 
Astalift tagline "The Power of Red" spotted everywhere.

Did you know, Astalift created by Fuji Film? and with 20 years research they put a good effort
and translate their Film innovation into this famous skincare. confusing? yes so am I :)
how can a film company produce a skincare, doesn't make any sense. But somehow Astalift
got "Award Winning Japanese Skincare Brand" . how and why? you're gonna love this.

ASTA’ in Japanese means tomorrow and ‘LIFT’ refers to the uplift of one’s inner emotions as 
beauty shines through. The result is a meaningful brand promise that offers renewed skin.
An innovative patented, intense beauty rejuvenating concentrate that contains ceramides 
that perfectly match ceremides in the skin, multi types of collagen and Astaxanthin. 
Ideal for anyone who is concerned about premature ageing, dehydrated, dry skin and 
those who wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Astalift skincare focusing on anti aging treatment with antioxidant formula, Lycopene and combine
with Astalift main ingredients, ASTAXANTHIN to lift and tighten up your skin.

Astalift Highlight :
- The nano ceramide delivers long-lasting moisture for a dry skin. 
- Skin will immediately appear smoother, with luminosity increased. 
- The various types of collagen will promote cell regeneration and retain water. 
- Skin's resilience and elasticity will be recovered and younger looking skin will be revealed. 
- Astaxanthin will counteract free radical damage preventing further damage to collagen and elastin, 
  the cause of lines, wrinkles and sagging. 
- Astaxanthin is the highly effective anti-oxidant, 1,000 times greater than CoQ10, 
   which prevents free-radical damage

So, how Fuji Film innovation create this award winning Skincare?

4 expertise from Film Technology :
1. Collagen comprises 70% of human skin, it's a main raw material for photographic film
2. Anti Oxidant research, oxidation can cause freckles, wrinkles and aging. in Film
industry oxidation causes color fading
3. Nano Technology : formulated to preserve film function in a stable state
4. Light Controlling, to achieve beautiful skin tone, they use light controling in Film 

And here's what  their main ingredients that create this miracle :
1. Astaxanthin : 1000 times greater than CoQ10
2. Lycopene : powerful anti oxidant (tomato & watermelons)
3. Collagen : To Nurture, supplement and protect skin
4. Nano Technology : to delivered ingredients deep into the skin

And here's Astalift principal from Singapore, explained to us
all of range product from Astalift, I did tried few of them, to check out
the texture, but I can't review the product, since it's just first impression

So,here's my first impression of this product :
- Packaging so nice and well designed, with touch of red (inspired by the main ingredients)
- smells so nice, using damask rose to bring relax and pamper our skin 
- easily absorb
- they have a complete range, from cleansing, lotion, SPF, compact powder
- quite pricey, since it's a highend brand.
- instant plump and rehydrate * i tested in my hand

It's stated that with regular treatment using this product you'll feel :
- plump and moist
- good complexion
- brighten whole face
- reduce wrinkles
- reduce your pores :) *this is so nice

and here's some picture that i managed to share with you guys :)

Cleansing Gel

Cleansing Oil

 Moisture Foam

 The FAMOUS Aqua Jellyrista *super!!


UV Protector

Full Range product of Astalift

Thank you Astalift for your invitation :)
and here's goodies bag from Astalift

me with Olga Lydia, Astalift brand ambassador & Principal from Singapore & Japan

Until next post,



  1. Baru denger brand astalift malah >.<
    Tunggu reviewnya ^__^
    Ce Mei cantik pakai dress batiknya ^.~

  2. Penasaran, pengen nyoba produknya, pasti bagus dan berkesan ya.