22 April 2013

Etude : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Review

Back with review, sorry for MIA for a while :) 
another review from Etude House product, who doesn't like their product, overload cuteness :)
I love this product, now it's in my everyday makeup case. so easy to carry on,
since it's so light and comes with small size. 

this packaging not so sturdy, you can tear it off since it only made from paper.
no mirror or applicator attached. Let's check on the swatch shall we?

Overall :
- This product looks like a candy chocolate bar, nice design 
- you'll get 3 shade, all of them are natural brown color (light, medium, dark)
- texture are okay, no fall off.
- colors aren't too strong but build-able. 
- two thumbs for it's staying power,
- pigmented and yes, i recommend this for your daily make up :)

I got this from Papuros Shop, you can buy this product from there
I've been using this product almost 3 weeks, through gym, beach,
daily activities and the shadow stay put :)

tips :
use it to contour your nose bridge, i find the color so natural
and you can also use it as your brow shadow 
pretty much all in one product :)

until next post,



  1. Cute packaging >.< Kayak coklat beneran *0*
    Coba cee bikin eyeshadownya di mata >.<

  2. thanks for reviewing! ive been thinking about buying this but havent come around to it yet. reading this post made me really want it now!

  3. Varian coklat, bagus tapi ga pinter pakai hehehe.
    ,btw pertama kali buka, headernya gede banget yah mbak??

    by: http://buleipotan.blogspot.com