24 April 2013

Sunscreen for Face

I love beach, sand, sea, ocean, blue sky, marshmallow cloud.
so, I always find any perfect time to visit them. love the sound of the wave,
love the sun, love my tanned skin, and how i love snorkeling watched those 
fish swim near corals. Perfect holiday! agree with me?

However, there's one thing that i concern while i'm sunbathing or swimming at the sea.
it's the after burn rash at my skin. well, I used sunblock at my body, 
but somehow i don't like the greasy feeling when i apply sunblock at my face. 

If you play a lot under the sun without using any sunscreen this is what you got

23 April 2013

Nature Republic : Polynesia Lagoon Water Hydro Cream Review

Looking for a easily absorb and watery texture skincare?
especially if you have a dry or super dry skin.
this could be your answer. Product from Nature Republic
Hydro Cream

It's Stated that this product :
- Enhances moisture retention and soothes irritated skin
- Moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic

And I've been using this for almost 20 days and here's what i thought :

22 April 2013

Etude : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Review

Back with review, sorry for MIA for a while :) 
another review from Etude House product, who doesn't like their product, overload cuteness :)
I love this product, now it's in my everyday makeup case. so easy to carry on,
since it's so light and comes with small size. 

this packaging not so sturdy, you can tear it off since it only made from paper.
no mirror or applicator attached. Let's check on the swatch shall we?

19 April 2013

Event : Pampering myself at Etoilespa using Pevonia Botanica

Few days ago, invitation came from Pevonia Botanica, it's a luxury skin care range.
Pevonia Botanica offers a complete line of spa products containing the finest natural marine and 
botanical ingredients, combined with technologically advanced formulas and treatments that 
deliver highly visible results. They are offering me spa treatment using their new product
Pevonia Lumafirm Lift & Glow.

So I came to Etoile Spa, a luxurious spa in Jakarta, Indonesia. They called their client as Etoile Lady,
and give them best products and techniques to fit each and every soul. Pampered my self 
and escape from a deadly work schedule, it'a a blissful. You'll fall in love with their decoration,
homey ambiance, pleasant theraphist.

Etoile, founded by Michelle and her Mom, so I asked her "what the history behind this spa?"
basically she and her mom love get pampered at spa, but somehow they felt something missing
when they visit spa. So in 2008 they decided to "create" spa based on their experienced
and needs. They want to create a spa only for women and build a nice and homey interior
so Etoile Lady feel relaxed peaceful ambiance and luxurious surroundings.

"Enjoy a woman’s journey towards tranquil harmony, and call it a day whenever 
you please.  Escape the journey to paradise on earth "  
or you can call it Me Time :)

Etoile means Star, so at this Spa they want to :
pamper the STAR in you with five STAR products and services 
to meet your deepest satisfaction.

étoile Spa have : 7 treatment rooms
- 3 rooms for facial treatment

- 3 rooms for massage treatment

- 1 room for pedicure and manicure

besides that, they also have a mini saloon at first floor
near their cute lovely tea corner :)

A Fitness room

Yoga room

after virtual tour, let's move on to my Spa experienced :)
étoile Spa provides with one of world’s best spa product line: Pevonia Botanica.
so, kinda excited to tried this product. so what's it's Lumafirm anyway?
A revolution in lifting, firming, lightening, and brightening skincare, 
the pioneer in the skincare industry.  Never before has there been a product line that 
tackled the essence of skin’s biggest concerns,
 in pursuit of the ultimate age management, skin care system. 

you can say this is ALL IN ONE product,
so it's hassle free, especially if you love traveling like me.

Formulated with a precise collection of the latest high-tech natural cosmetic ingredients coupled 
with the most advanced manufacturing and delivery systems,
 the new Lumafirm Lift and Glow range truly delivers with immediate and 
highly visible results in two easy steps.

you can highlight Immediate & Highly Visible Results!
why? because it does! I prove it myself when i tried this treatment
let me show you my whole experienced along with my before after face


First, the therapist clean my eye make up
and wash my face using Pevonia Botanica product.
I find this product so light in my skin, easily absorb.
texture almost watery and safe for my sensitive skin.

btw, did i mention that all of Pevonia Botanica product are :
Organic Extracts, Paraben-Free • Alcohol-Free • Lanolin-Free • Mineral Oil-Free • 
PABA-Free •  Urea-Free• No Artificial Colours • No Formaldehyde • 
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • Eco-Packaging • Cruelty-Free

continue with scrubbing, oh how i love this scrub
check out the texture :) , it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin

then the therapist wash my face with this light and nice aroma soap.
then she continue wiping my face with Pevonia Toner, that i assume alcohol free.
it doesn't dry out my skin :) 

and here's the main highlight
Pevonia Botanica : LUMAFIRM

Key benefits;
•Immediately brightens the complexion for a luminous glow
•Tightens skin
•Improves skin texture
•Lightens and tones an uneven complexion
•Reduces wrinkles

It's stated that using this product :
Obtain dramatic results with this first-ever, one-of-a-kind treatment. 
As an initial step, this cutting-edge technology delivers concentrated actives 
to intensify immediate performance.

then the therapist massage me for about half an hour
i love etoilespa facial massage technic. I've tried many facial masssage,
somehow the massage from etoilespa different and so relaxing :)

and the final step, using Pevonia facial mask & eye mask
almost fell asleep back there. this product pampered my skin and relaxing me.

and the results...


immediate results :
- look how plumped my skin is
- rehydrate
- i look so glow with my dewy skin
- what i love most : reduce puffiness around my eyes alot
- brighten my face
- give a good complexion

This product so so recommend! I just can't stop touching my face,
it's feels soft, light and smooth. 

If you're interested trying this product, please visit Etoilespa
They closed on Sunday, and please make sure booking for your treatment.

Étoile Spa Address:
Jl. Hang Lekir Raya No. 6 Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12120

Phone: (021) 7278 7229
SMS: +62 8559900320
Blackberry PIN: 21077ECE

Facebook Page: étoile spa
Twitter: @etoilespa

and Pevonia were kind enough giving me their real size product of
LumaFirm Lift & Glow
Proven to perform, this powerhouse repair cream works deeply and quickly, 
infusing your face, neck, and décolleté with the best anti-free radicals, 
the latest generation of repairing peptides, and outstanding lightening actives.

Key benefits:
•Immediately brightens the complexion for a luminous glow
•Increases skin elasticity and firmness
•Lightens and tones an uneven complexion
•Repairs and redefines facial contour
•Protects from premature aging

Been using this product for almost a week,
will do a complete review after a month. So far, i found this product :
- safe from my sensitive skin
- no paraben
- water based *i love this part
- easily absorb
- smells so nice :)
- moisturizing my face for whole day

I asked them, is this product safe for pregnant woman?
"Yes Lumafirm is save for pregnant woman, but have to be appropriate with the skin type, 
if the skin condition too dry or sensitive would be better if we treat it with essential lines first 
for normalizing the skin then continue with Lumafirm after. 
Do not use machineries or steam and less friction in facial for pregnant woman."

you can find more about Pevonia Botanica :

Until next post,


08 April 2013

Event : Astalift - The Power of Red

Last week, got a nice event invitation from Astalift, the moment I read email subject
I was "What??? Astalift now coming to Indonesia? I once used their best seller Jelly Aquarista
bought it back then I visited Japan last year. So, I'm really excited :)

Astalift Indonesia brand ambassador, Olga Lydia greet me when I arrived at Rich Carlton Hotel
at Mega Kuningan, she is so nice with a marvelous glowing skin. Dress code : Red, based on 
Astalift tagline "The Power of Red" spotted everywhere.

Did you know, Astalift created by Fuji Film? and with 20 years research they put a good effort
and translate their Film innovation into this famous skincare. confusing? yes so am I :)
how can a film company produce a skincare, doesn't make any sense. But somehow Astalift
got "Award Winning Japanese Skincare Brand" . how and why? you're gonna love this.

05 April 2013

Korean Plastic Surgery : Shocking or Amusing?

Doing aesthetic plastic surgery it's a choice, not a sins.
A choice for those who think they were not pretty enough to fit in this world.
or didn't match with the beauty magazine & movie stars "beauty measurement".
Korea well known for their plastic surgery industries. Cheap, fast, safe.
No wonder, nowadays Korea rank #1 in the world for plastic surgery industry.

It's not that I want to mocked or laughed at them who are going under the knife,
I write this post, just want to share with you how I amazingly shocked with
the before after picture that i found from this website

I read somewhere long time ago, how this plastic surgery evolve in Korean,
it's not just affects the measure of beauty, but also becomes a trend
that accepted well with younger and elder generation.
It's been said, the prettier person,
will get better opportunity in love, jobs and career.

They going under the knife for bigger eyes, less wide nose, more streamlined.
Square or prominent jaws are made delicate, V-shaped, smaller. 
and sometimes, I felt that they almost looks the same when they are done
with plastic surgery procedure.

Curious how their before after photo?

04 April 2013

Event Report : Kay Collection Grand Opening

Been a busy week for me, but i LOVE it :)
so, Kay Collection celebrating their Grand Opening at Mall Taman Anggrek
and invited me along with other bloggers today. When I got there,
the crowd was busy as bee, packed with crazy ladies that screaming
for 20% discount for all item (included me LOL)

for those of you who doesnt know what Kay Collection is,
let me enlight this a bit, so It's a store that sells :

Estee Lauder event

This week beauty event featuring Estee Lauder that known for their
effortless makeup style. You can attend this event by joining Carnellin writing contest :)
been so curious about their foundation and lipstick, so i'm gonna
put a good effort on trying them at the event.

What i love most about beauty event its how I can met other blogger darling,
and update anything about beauty product, life and any beauty tips.
Speaking about beauty tips, in this event, Estee Lauder invited Bobbie Wu
a famous makeup artist from Taiwan to teach us few beauty tips,
so we can share to you guys :)

See you guys at event :)

Until next post,