03 March 2013

Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

I've been worried about the fine lines under my eyes but dark circles have been my biggest concern.
So, i tried and tried and tried lotsa eye cream....failed until now. Its consistency is much more watery,
and i'm a big fans for any skincare that had a watery texture, i don't like creamy texture since it will
cause pimple and redness on my skin, ever give me issues with milia.

I find this product moist enough for my everyday use.
This product contains arbutin, and arbutin = dark circles best friend. Why?
because it's helps brighten eye circles since arbutin inhibits melanin production.
and It also contains extracts of Omega 3 rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido Japan.

It does absorb easily enough but requires a fair few pats to lessen the oiliness
and the big questions, does it brighten?

After use it for a while, I haven’t noticed my dark circles looking any brighter, since
dark eye circles are caused by lack of blood circulation in the blood vessels
under the eyes and not melanin. Sometimes it's because the lack of sleeping and rest.
but my overall eye looks brighter and more youthful, less tired.
Ever since i use this cream, I tend do makeup without any concealer now.

Thank God, it doesn't smell like salmon hehehhe, but sure does smells good :)
Overall it's a good eye cream with affordable price, compare to high end brand that i tried before.
and it's works fine to brightening up your eyes area & my eyes look less tired,
I saws this noticeable results in 3 weeks. and for dark circles?
I need go to bed before 3 or 4 AM everynight!!!

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Until next 
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  1. muka aq juga sering muncul milia klo salah pake produk.. hikzzz

    1. Iya nih bahaya klo dah muncul milia. Harus di laser. Hiks

  2. Replies
    1. Kalau ga mata panda banget cukup tidur yg cukup ;)

  3. This eyecream looks really cool.


  4. Wah jadi pengen coba... Soalnya akhir akhir ini tidur kurang banget tidurnya jam 12 - 1 maleman -.- , jadi punya mata panda yang item banget...
    Tapi kak, terakhir kali aku coba night cream,.. Itu gak cocok hihi, malah bikin kantung mata bengkak merah... Ini ada ssmple nya gak kak?
    Thanks before and nice review