12 March 2013

Sariayu 2013 SentraJava Palette Review

This product was given to me during Jakarta Fashion Week from Sariayu event. They launched
2013 beauty trend, SentraJava. Sariayu, famous brand from Indonesia. Well known for their
pigmented color and good staying power. This year, as usual, they choose a theme from Indonesia land.
Lasem and Karimun Jawa it's this year theme. 

Inspired by underwater marvelous sealand, Karimun Jawa. Sariayu combine several bright color
that represents the sea. It's Emerald green, Purple and Yellow. And for Lasem, they were inspired by
Lasem Batik that represent the color in bright red, pink and vanilla color.

And what i got from them it's mini palette that consists of this 2 collection
easy to travel with and complete with lip, blush on, pressed powder
how's look like? let's roll ladies.

i'll swatch it persection according to number :)

Lipstick 1-4
i love no.2 swatch, it's really nice for natural makeup
i find it safe for my sensitive lips, bit sheer you have to swipe it twice.
staying power is average (2-3hours)

Eyeshadow ABC (Lasem Collection)

Eyeshadow DEF (Karimun Jawa Collection)

Both of this eyeshadow collections so pigmented, color really striking out.
I only use this for making FOTD or photoshoot session.
staying power is soooooo good!

Blush On & Pressed Powder

Overall this palette worth for your money, CMIIW it's only cost you Rp.115.00 (USD 11)
you got 6 eyeshadow, 4 lipshade, 2 blush on shade, pressed powder and complete with the tools.
and too bad, this product only sells in Indonesia, however if you're curious and want to try
i can help you buy and ship :) #tryIndonesiaProduct

I also have this single lipstick from Lasem Collection

I don't find this color charming enough to match with my skin tone,
it feels like i'm sick :( , it's satin finish, moist enough but don't have a good staying power.
it only last for 2-3 hours

it's purple and i use this to make funny FOTD, will post soon :)

Until next post,



  1. OMG!
    Sentra Java Pallete bener-bener racun banget!
    setelah baca review ini jadi pengen banget beli itu!! ohhh~~
    Semakin hari brand indo makin keren nih :D
    thank you jie untuk reviewnya :D

  2. ini bagus banget kak, jadi pengen beli hehehe ^^

  3. lipstiknya bagus, ada ukirannya.. ga sabar nunggu reviewnya <3

  4. pattern di lipsticknya so cute <3

    but i'm agree, it doesnt match you ..

  5. Sariayu eyeshadownya gak tahan lama menurutku...Awetan La Tulipe.
    (Hidup produk lokal)

  6. karimunjawa collectionnya keren bgt, mau beli ahh, thx reviewnya cc
    sngnya produk lokal, bagus hrga terjangkau :D