05 March 2013

Oriflame : Tender Care Cherry Review

Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm from Oriflame, this product can gives you few function as :
- As a conventional lip balm
- As a moisturizer on dry and roughened skin areas
- As a cuticle cream *love this part, trust me :)
- As a moisturizer on problem areas such as elbows, heels and knees
- and best part, can help you with mosquito bites redness

I've been know this product, like 10 years ago. And i love this product, it's really rehydrate
my swollen crack dry lips when i need it the most. The small container looks cute and
resembles the shape of an egg with blunt ends. The tiny container has a wide mouth with a large screw cap
The texture bit similar to petroleum jelly, but it doesn't have greasy or oily texture like petroleum jelly.
Spreads smoothly and easily get absorbed.

Just one thing i don't like about this tender care, maybe it's just me but
since i have a long nail, you can't help it when try to grab on the balm, bit messy using long nail.
well.. since i love using this balm for it's function and benefit, i'll use qtip to reach out the balm.
But recently i use a new method, using my buckle finger, how?

Overall what i like about this product :
- it's versatile my skins problem :)
- very light texture
- non greasy
- moist and gets absorbed easily
- so nourishing and so comfortable on the lips
- smells so nice and sweet *it's cherry :o

Tips :
- to achieve healthy and beautiful lips, use it every night before you go to bed :)
- you can use this before applying lipstick, but it will worn out lipstick staying power
- try rub this balm in your rash skin, either by mosquito bites or small injury, it does help

Tertarik dengan produk ini? bisa kontak ke :
MONICA : 0838-7890-9329
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  1. ada yg merah ternyata? :o
    kirain cuma ada yg coklat sm yg pink.. hihih unyyuuu <3

  2. baru tau ada merah dan coklat, punyaku yang kemasannya warna pink

  3. Aku punya yang coklat nih yang karamel :D
    Setauku udah ngeluarin banyak varian tapi sayang limited edition :(
    Yang normal pink, setauku udah keluar yang karamel, chocolate, vanilla, sama cherry

  4. Wow...aku baru coba yang coklat + pink, enak yang coklat, aromanya manis :D

  5. ada yang vanilla jugaaaaaa, aku paling suka yang vanillaaaa

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    1. hai sori ya aku apus commentnya.
      jangan titip jualan disini :)

  7. Ada yg coklat mbak.. aq make yg coklat. :-) produk yg ini emang recommended,simple,paliing terjangkau. Aq pake utk bibir kering mbak..