24 March 2013

Masami Shouko Travel Mirror Powder Case Review

with a 6cm diameter width and good quality plastic glass container, I feel safe to throw this product
in my bag without have any worries it will crack or get mess. The brand it's masami shouko,
Simple and sleek design. It comes with small handy sponge. 
I got this from Kay Collection, that provide lot of makeup tools.

This is my first Masami Shouko product, and quite surprise me,  i do love their product.
Affordable and easy to get, you can buy it online or offline. how convenience right :)
let's roll in and unpack this baby

However, I find this sponge quite harsh on my skin, and sometimes
the lid got open easily due to the puffiness of the sponge, so you have to
makesure, the lid was closed completely. But other than that, this powder case
that comes with a mirror can be your best friend for traveling :)

It's only cost you Rp. 98.900, good investment :)
since you can use this product for a long term.

and here's a tips, since it's twist compartment.
sometimes my loose powder easily flies everywhere whenever I want to open it,
so to prevent that, instead put the sponge in top compartment.
I put at the bottom compartment, and voilaa!
the sponge, blocked all the loose powder to flies out
through the lid hole *Case closed!

You can check Kay Collection FB

or contact them via Twitter

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  1. Aak bagusnya case powdernyaa >.<
    Mesti ikutan #Pygmalion7GiveawayKay nihh

  2. I've not heard of this brand but the packaging looks great!

    xo Sarvin