06 March 2013

Marilyn Monroe Make Up

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her soft voice, ample curves , flawless face, to her pouty red lips.
Not to mention her signature style white skirt, blonde hair and her beauty mark, left cheek mole.
A true Hollywood bombshell icon at that time.

Since, I'm gonna enter Indonesian Beauty Blogger vintage makeup competition, I did a little
research to find out how to achieve her signature makeup. All of her makeup were done by
her personal makeup artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder. He was her makeup artist throughout her career.
From her first screen test at Twentieth Century Fox in 1946 to her funereal makeup in 1962.

And this is how do Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean step by step make up tutorial :

1. always moisture your face
Her skin nearly always looked flawless. She used to apply a thick layer of Vaseline or Nivea 
all over her skin before foundation

2. apply makeup base / foundation
The key to her foundation routine was to have a beautiful glow

3. Concealer
try to conceal or your redness, pimples, darkcircles

4. Use translucent powder
to set makeup base and concealer. Loose powder preferable. 

5. Define your eyebrow
Marilyn Monroe's arches were amplified, to achieve a natural high arch, 
simply fill in the top part of your brows with colored powder or browpencil
6. Eyelashes
don't forget fake eyelashes, use a lower wing to create a sloopy eyes

7. Lower Eyeliner
To achieve a bigger dolly eye, her makeup artist always use white kohl pencil inside her lower eye.
to make the eye appear larger and more open.

8. Upper Eyeliner
although it's 1950's makeup with heavy black eyeliner, turns out Marilyn rarely black,
most often she used brown or dark brown, Do a very narrow line right at lashline top and bottom, 
and continue out, then try to wing it out. Between the top and bottom lashline, fill in with
white eyeshadow or white kohl pencil.

9. Red dot 
this is new for me, a new trick to make your eyes look bigger
With either a lip pencil or a lipstick brush (bright red), 
the smallest red dot is placed in the inside corner of the eye to make the eye look brighter.

10. Eyeshadow
her makeup artist use a very natural brown color to contour her feature
this is how he did her eyeshadow :
- applied some light brown shadow to the crease of Marilyn's eyelid, 
- and to the outer area below brow (1 & 2). 
- then added a shiny off-white to the center of the lid, brow bone, above the brow, 
   and in the corner of the eye (3,4,5,6,7). 

11. Contouring
Use your favorite bronzer to countouring this for area
cheekbones, temples, and around and under your jawline
12. Highlighting
use a good shimmer highlight to this area : top of the chin, T-zone, chin and forehead
13. Her famous true red lips
first apply your outer edge using lip pencil, continue to fill in with your fave red lipstick,
blot it with tissue, then fill them again with your red lipstick.
to achieve a fuller lips, put a little bit white eyeshadow in the center of your lower lips
finish it with lipgloss. and don't forget to put little highlight at your cupid bow.

14. finish it with loose powder to set all your makeup & you're done

Well, easier said than done, let's check other celebrity that try to attempt her look,
they did same thing with those 14 step make up.

Hope this tutorial help you to achieve Norma Jean look :)
until next post,



  1. Nice tips :-) membantu bangeeeettt >_<
    mau remake punyaku ah ce :-) hihi...
    Thank youuuu :*

  2. bibirnya itu lhoo penuh banget..
    bisa di coba nih..thanks sharingnya ^^