24 March 2013

Klair's Illuminating Supple Cream Review

Months ago, WishTrend sent me Klair's Illuminating Supple Cream. Although the texture thicker than
serum, it's easily absorb into my skin. I use this products every night after my regular moisturizer.
this product helps to retain moisture on the surface of the skin, keeping the outer layer hydrated.
it's 45ml and it's cost USD 25.99, it's stated for all skin types.

Let's find out more, about the ingredients, texture and my verdict :)

The packaging comes in thick glass bottle, seriously it's so heavy.
I have to put on a small container while I'm travelling. 
As you can see from above, this products contains Arbutin.
Arbutin help you to brightening your skin, and best part it's No Parabean.
and for you who has a sensitive skin with alcolhol, this products also Alcohol Free.

I take this picture from their website, with a long & complete explanation

And this is their main ingredients :

And let's check this products texture

Overall : 
This product is recommend, use it everynight and feel your skin
rehydrate and supple, well not in instant. at least use it about a month.
it won't leave any sticky residue after applying it. About the smell,
I can't really described how it smells like, bit herb or natural smells,
but it's tolerable since it's non perfume.

you can this product from wishtrend.com , a online portal for korean skincare & makeup.

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  1. i need new moisturizer since i've finished mine, is it recommended for combination skin like me?
    afraid it's too moisturize and kind of make my face oily
    thx cc for sharing, great review as usual;D

  2. i think it's ok, since it's stated for all skin type.
    i did tried this product on my "genuine pig" who has greasy oily face.
    and turns out he didn't had any breakout. it does supple and hydrate.
    reduce oil in his T-zone.

  3. Thank you for the review Meilani!!( ^ω^)ノ What I liked more about this product is that it is paraben free, alcohol free, no animal testing and respect the enviroment!!(*^▽^)ノ but it a little bit too pricey for me (u__u). Recently, thanks to Wishtrend, I won a facial toner of the same brand and I hope to do well with it!(^^). Hope you are having a really pretty day, greetings from nyan dany´s blog!♥

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! http://catherine-widjaja.blogspot.com/2013/03/versatile-blogger-award.html