24 March 2013

Introducing WishTrend

Have you ever heard about WishTrend ?
I did mention about this onlineshop from my previous post.
They are super-fast-growing online company based in South Korea.
This time they upgrade their website and you'll find latest and popular make-up and skincare brand
from Korea, like Ciracle, Skinmiso, Mustaev, SKIN & LAB, Liz K, Tosowoong,
ELISHA COY, Confume, Caolion, Klair's, any many more.

This brand is hard to find outside Korea,
but thanks to Wishtrend and its fast and safe delivery services.

You'll love them for the diversity of their range product, affordable product with best quality.
And they shipping worldwide, I recieved my product within 2 weeks from Korea to Indonesia,
with bubble warp, product secure and safe. And what i love most it's their safety payment, using paypal.
If you don't have any paypal account, you can simply using your credit card.

One of the best products that they feature on their online shop is called WISHbox. 
It is a limited edition box that is filled with 3-4 beauty products (most of them full size)!
and it only cost you 29.99USD, with a high quality beauty range product.

I can stay for hours browsing their skincare range, i love skincare
more than i love makeup, the key to a pretty flawless face it'a a nice and healthy skin.
and you can find almost anything for your skin care here at wishtrend!
and this is my wishlist :

please visit their website and other channel for more information :)

WISHtrend www.wishtrend.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/wishtrend
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WISHglobal
Contact trend@wishcompany.net
Pinterest http://pinterest.com/wishtrend/
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/WISHTrendTV

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