03 March 2013

Innisfree : Almond Sugar Scrub Review

OMG, super love this product. Used it for almost 20 days. No break out, moist face and rehydrated.
Everytime, after i used this product, i feel plump, fresh and clean. Blissfull! It's Innisfree, and it's affordable.
Now Innisfree become one of my fave brand for skincare. I have a sensitive skin, so i'm picky for
skincare product.

The almond scrub is an exfoliating scrub which is used after cleansing. The texture so creamy, more like
baby porridge, dab it on your face and feel eewwwww *LOL . And since the main focus almond,
you'll find tiny almond particles which you can see close-up. If you rub to hard, you'll hurt your skin.
so please please, clean your delicate skin with light pressure.

my skin does feel smoother upon exfoliating, remove my dead skin cells. Overall i really love this product.
i love my supple skin, so so recommend. Smells so yummy with almond scent.
About the packaging, it's comes in plastic bottle with aluminium seal. Comes with earth friendly box
100% recycled!! hooray for that.

tips :

Just use scrub once a week, or once in two weeks
it may cause breakout and even cracked your skin if you use it everyday :(

 I know it's hard to get Innisfree in Indonesia, but there's alot of online shop that
will help you, like Papuros Shop.

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Until next 
Papuros : March Beauty Box
pssst... i heard there will any etude new product :)


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  1. Hi, thanks for your review. I read your review and purchased me one. It's great!!!

    My own review on it: http://partsofqueenie.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/review-innisfree-almond-sugar-scrub/