24 March 2013

Klair's Illuminating Supple Cream Review

Months ago, WishTrend sent me Klair's Illuminating Supple Cream. Although the texture thicker than
serum, it's easily absorb into my skin. I use this products every night after my regular moisturizer.
this product helps to retain moisture on the surface of the skin, keeping the outer layer hydrated.
it's 45ml and it's cost USD 25.99, it's stated for all skin types.

Let's find out more, about the ingredients, texture and my verdict :)

I'm one of Sigma's March Beauty Affiliate

I'm featured in Sigma Beauty Affiliate : MARCH
this is crazy!! well, who doesn't know about Sigma Brush right?
and they have this affiliate program that give blogger a chance
to get commission and free gift for their effort!

And by surprise, I'm one of their New Affiliate Spotlight : March
with other blogger from Bosnia and United States.

and guess what? all of blogger can join and stand a chance
to be featured in their website, click here and start register :)
hooray once again! :)

until next post,


Masami Shouko Travel Mirror Powder Case Review

with a 6cm diameter width and good quality plastic glass container, I feel safe to throw this product
in my bag without have any worries it will crack or get mess. The brand it's masami shouko,
Simple and sleek design. It comes with small handy sponge. 
I got this from Kay Collection, that provide lot of makeup tools.

This is my first Masami Shouko product, and quite surprise me,  i do love their product.
Affordable and easy to get, you can buy it online or offline. how convenience right :)
let's roll in and unpack this baby

Introducing WishTrend

Have you ever heard about WishTrend ?
I did mention about this onlineshop from my previous post.
They are super-fast-growing online company based in South Korea.
This time they upgrade their website and you'll find latest and popular make-up and skincare brand
from Korea, like Ciracle, Skinmiso, Mustaev, SKIN & LAB, Liz K, Tosowoong,
ELISHA COY, Confume, Caolion, Klair's, any many more.

This brand is hard to find outside Korea,
but thanks to Wishtrend and its fast and safe delivery services.

14 March 2013

Pygmalion 7th Giveaway (sponsored by Koji & Masami Shouko)

Haloooo.... I know I just closed my 6th Pygmalion Giveaway
(that btw I still postponed to annoucned the winner) *please excuse me for that ;)

But somehow I have a excited news! 
Kay Collection, Masami Shouko and Koji Dolly Wink Indonesia are opening their store at mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta. You can get their product start tomorrow due to their soft opening.
(March 15, 2013)

And welcoming their new store at mall Taman Anggrek,
They were kind enough to become my 7th Giveaway sponsor.
There will be a 10 Winners!!! how awesome is that. 

each winner will get 3 products from my sponsor,
even I want to enter this giveaway myself *LOL
interested? let's roll in :)

12 March 2013

Sariayu 2013 SentraJava Palette Review

This product was given to me during Jakarta Fashion Week from Sariayu event. They launched
2013 beauty trend, SentraJava. Sariayu, famous brand from Indonesia. Well known for their
pigmented color and good staying power. This year, as usual, they choose a theme from Indonesia land.
Lasem and Karimun Jawa it's this year theme. 

Inspired by underwater marvelous sealand, Karimun Jawa. Sariayu combine several bright color
that represents the sea. It's Emerald green, Purple and Yellow. And for Lasem, they were inspired by
Lasem Batik that represent the color in bright red, pink and vanilla color.

And what i got from them it's mini palette that consists of this 2 collection
easy to travel with and complete with lip, blush on, pressed powder
how's look like? let's roll ladies.

2nd Edition : BeautyReview under 100K

Olaaa.. 2nd Edition : BeautyReview under 100K
since the first edition came up, I got a huge response for this segment
so decided to put it up :)

in this 2nd edition we have :
- Etude House Sweet Recipe Eye Cupcake
- Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Color
- Etude House Sweet Recipe Choco Smudge Liner

Review coming up soon :)
if you like to buy this cute baby, you can order this from
Lovely Pinky, and you'll get 5% discount
for purchase over 100K :)
BB Pin : 28 DFE 236

Until next post,


Blog Competition Winner

Hooray, early this year I joined few blog competition, and I won :)
never underestimated the power of blogging!

Valentine Blog competition
I won the first place :) by making a valentine makeup tutorial

Create your own spa with Sariayu product at home

And recently won Makeup Challenge from TheBalm
fiuhhh, this is fun, never thought that writing for a blog competiton
would be this fun :)

Won Thebalm Makeup Challenge

Hooray, short post :)
I won Makeup Challenge from TheBalm Indonesia 
and this is what I got

I won this competition with this look :)

and while I collect my prize, I also met with my twitter quiz winner, Cella.
She won a makeover with TheBalm cosmetics, I bet you'll wow with the transformation :)

Suddenly Sudden Clothing

Introducing my new sponsor for Travel Poison section
and I present to you SUDDENLY SUDDEN

This is Indonesia local brand #support local brand :)
created by this duo horror dynamic, why I said horror?
it's represent by their limited edition drawing art. They made this clothes
based on their marvelous drawing skill with horror & ghost concept

Their clothing not only well known in Indonesia, Suddenly Sudden
got a big response from International buyer like Europe.
duo dynamic horror 

They were so kind sending me Yama Uba design for my last trip to Japan
and I wear it while I visited Disney Sea in Tokyo. Caught a bit attention from crowd
since the design so eye catching, people stare at my clothes all the time :)
 curious how's the design look like?

08 March 2013

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 Brush Review

Dear makeup lover, I bet you all know this brand, who doesn't?
This brand loves beauty blogger and beauty blogger loves them back.
They aware of beauty blogger existence and supply them with
their high quality product to review, results? Boooom!!! 
achieve high recommended brush from any make up lover. 

Sigma was founded in 2008 by Brazilian natives Rene, a civil engineer 
with a Master's degree in Business Administration, and his wife Simone,
a researcher with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. After discovering the strong need for worldwide
availability of affordable and high-quality beauty products, the couple combined
their knowledge of engineering and scientific research to create
a company that met these needs in the cosmetic industry.

Sigma sent me their product to review, to be honest i never use any of Sigma products,
                                              I'm bit curious when they sent me, so let's roll :)

06 March 2013

Marilyn Monroe Make Up

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her soft voice, ample curves , flawless face, to her pouty red lips.
Not to mention her signature style white skirt, blonde hair and her beauty mark, left cheek mole.
A true Hollywood bombshell icon at that time.

Since, I'm gonna enter Indonesian Beauty Blogger vintage makeup competition, I did a little
research to find out how to achieve her signature makeup. All of her makeup were done by
her personal makeup artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder. He was her makeup artist throughout her career.
From her first screen test at Twentieth Century Fox in 1946 to her funereal makeup in 1962.

And this is how do Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean step by step make up tutorial :

05 March 2013

Oriflame : Tender Care Cherry Review

Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm from Oriflame, this product can gives you few function as :
- As a conventional lip balm
- As a moisturizer on dry and roughened skin areas
- As a cuticle cream *love this part, trust me :)
- As a moisturizer on problem areas such as elbows, heels and knees
- and best part, can help you with mosquito bites redness

I've been know this product, like 10 years ago. And i love this product, it's really rehydrate
my swollen crack dry lips when i need it the most. The small container looks cute and
resembles the shape of an egg with blunt ends. The tiny container has a wide mouth with a large screw cap
The texture bit similar to petroleum jelly, but it doesn't have greasy or oily texture like petroleum jelly.
Spreads smoothly and easily get absorbed.

Just one thing i don't like about this tender care, maybe it's just me but
since i have a long nail, you can't help it when try to grab on the balm, bit messy using long nail.
well.. since i love using this balm for it's function and benefit, i'll use qtip to reach out the balm.
But recently i use a new method, using my buckle finger, how?

03 March 2013

Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

I've been worried about the fine lines under my eyes but dark circles have been my biggest concern.
So, i tried and tried and tried lotsa eye cream....failed until now. Its consistency is much more watery,
and i'm a big fans for any skincare that had a watery texture, i don't like creamy texture since it will
cause pimple and redness on my skin, ever give me issues with milia.

I find this product moist enough for my everyday use.
This product contains arbutin, and arbutin = dark circles best friend. Why?
because it's helps brighten eye circles since arbutin inhibits melanin production.
and It also contains extracts of Omega 3 rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido Japan.

It does absorb easily enough but requires a fair few pats to lessen the oiliness
and the big questions, does it brighten?

Innisfree : Almond Sugar Scrub Review

OMG, super love this product. Used it for almost 20 days. No break out, moist face and rehydrated.
Everytime, after i used this product, i feel plump, fresh and clean. Blissfull! It's Innisfree, and it's affordable.
Now Innisfree become one of my fave brand for skincare. I have a sensitive skin, so i'm picky for
skincare product.

The almond scrub is an exfoliating scrub which is used after cleansing. The texture so creamy, more like
baby porridge, dab it on your face and feel eewwwww *LOL . And since the main focus almond,
you'll find tiny almond particles which you can see close-up. If you rub to hard, you'll hurt your skin.
so please please, clean your delicate skin with light pressure.

Event : Thebalm Makeup Challenge

yup, kalian ga salah baca kok. theBalm cosmetics sudah resmi masuk Indonesia.
Tidak perlu susah-susah PO di onlineshop lagi :) . Counter yang saya sambangi ada di Seibu,
Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Kebetulan pada hari itu diadakan makeup challenge dengan tema :
Vintage Make Up alias makeup ala tahun 1950. Pada saat itu makeup paling iconic adalah
bombshell hollywood yakni Marilyn Monroe.

Jadi event ini adalah kerjasama dari theBalm cosmetics dengan Female Magazine.
Hadiah kontes ini? produk theBalm seharga 2juta untuk 2 pemenang! woohooo. Wish me luck ladies.
Makeup challenge ini cuma diselenggarakan satu hari, dan akan diumumkan pemenangnya
setelah 3 hari kemudian *deg deg ser nih.

Ada bonus event report, sedikit swatch dan before after makeup, let's roll :)