04 February 2013

Vanity Trove Affiliate

I wrote a post about vanity trove before, i adore their concept.
it's Singapore company, but they also ship to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.
basically they sent a box of vanity trove to their subscriber every month
and those box contains a lot of beauty product from they affiliate company

What i want to share, not the product nor special promotions,
it's their affiliate program, where you can get a point when someone
apply or subscribe under your recommendations.

Months ago, i applied as their affiliate and wrote about this website
without any expectations that i will gain any point, since i just do this for fun,
and really want to share this lovely beauty treats.

and bam! one day I got an email from vanity trove,
it said they i got 1.750.000 points , and it can redeemed 
as a voucher gift or subscribe a vanity trove. I was like WOW!!!
all i did just put a banner and share this post.

Interesting right :) ,
go to their website, sign up and you're ready to make your own point
or just subscribe the vanity trove, lotsa beauty treats in there

what do you think guys?
visit their website now
and collect the point :)

Until next post,


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  1. waa thanks so much for the info, meii ^^ definitely i will check it out :D