26 February 2013

Femme de Pivot Iphone Case Review

Are you desperately searching for a cute case for your phone? try Femme de Pivot case.
It's an online store from Hong Kong,established in 2009. Femme de Pivot offers a variety of phone cases, DSLR bags, jewellery and tote bags designed by their in-house designer Y.S Wong.
femme de pivot is the expression of " ART of LIVING", the pursuit of beautiful life.

They emailed me and asked me to choose 2 design, how can you resists?
try to browse their website, you'll instantly fall in love with their cute design.
And the best part, they also gives a free wallpaper that match with the phone case,
both for iOS or Android. Browse it through apple store or google market.
You can choose for still or live wallpaper, and its free :)

Curious how this adorable phone case look like?

this is too cute!!! >.<

Home Sweet Home Collection

     • Made of elastic silicone materials 
     • Easy to wear and take off from your device 
     • Fit perfectly for the iPhone 5 with vital cutouts
     • Engraved with lovely patterns 
     • High Transparent Screen Protector is included 
     • Value-added features: download “femme de pivot Wallpaper” app from App store
        to get a matching digital wallpaper with this case.

Since it's made from elastic silicon materials this cell phone case is soft and pliable,
easy to use or to pull off from your phone, what i dislike from this case it’s highly likely to get dirty.
But since it's made from elastic silicon, i think you can wash the dirt using gentle soap.
I love engrave detail at the side of this case. And thumbs up for thick rubber protection
when i accidentally drop or bump the phone.  You can get this case USD 20.
and you'll find 4 cute design to choose :)


Love Folk Collection

      • Made of ABS material providing hardshell protection
      • Decorative your device with elegant style
      • Exquisite craftsmanship to fit perfectly for your iPhone 5
      • Direct access to all controls and ports
      • High Transparent Screen Protector is included
      • Value-added features: download “femme de pivot Wallpaper” app from App store
         to get a matching digital wallpaper with this case.

This case provides a hardened shell and scratch protection.
I had a hard time to take out phone from this case, took me about 10 minutes
i think since i'm not used to this kind of case before. But i love this case for it's light weight.
And while i use this phone for review, i find this case easily got scratch.
if you like this love folk collection they provide 4 design to choose (USD 25)

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  1. Stylish iPhone cases are very much less protective as I have my experience. However this case looks different and I am sure it will act different too. How mcuh is it for?