16 February 2013

Barbie Diamond Grey Softlens Review

Back with new lens review, Uniqso so nice and sent me one pair of this
Barbie Diamond Grey big circle lens. The moment when i unpacked this lens
I was fascinated by the pattern design, looks so weird for me
grey lens with a hint of red in the middle of the lens, and i thought i'll look like
an alien if i'm wearing this.

but, i love the effects from this lens, with 16.5mm gives you a dolly look,
and it's also comfortable, i hardly use any solutions for 6-7hours use.
let's check on closer look shall we?

You see? the pattern so amazing, diamond print pattern on the lens made my eyes look sparkling.

The color also blends very nicely, so recommend for it's comfort level :)

Brand: Barbie
Origin: South Korea 
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 16.5mm 
Base curve: 8.6mm
Duration: 1 year disposable 

Without Flash

oh and btw, i won a blog writing competition by making tutorial with this looks :)

if you like this big eye color contacts and want to buy them
get this lenses from UniqsoLens or klik this link below
7.90USD (price per piece/one lens)

discount code [PygmalionLand] for 10% discount
Uniqso based in Malaysia &  they ship worldwide 

Until next post :)



  1. barbie diamond always look gergous! btw is ur right eye ok? i think it has little redish.
    happy weekend!


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  3. hai sis aku mau kamu jadi endorse aku untuk produk softlens aku donk.. kamu bisa cek softlens aku di www.tukangsoftlens.blogspot.com .. makasih :)

    1. Hai, biar enak ngobrolnya email aku aja di kotakpos.mei@ gmail.com