07 January 2013

Valeria Lukyanova : Living Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova, She is an Ukrainian singer, become internet sensation back in 2012.
well known for her impossibly thin waist, large chest, wide eyes and flawless skin.
Viewers questioned if she is real or just really manufactured. For me she really looks like a Barbie,
from her face, body shape, and V sharp jaw. Many said all of her photo were done by Photoshop.
well.. who knows?

I didn't write this post to judge her, I'm just fascinated over her signature make up.
mix between barbie, Cleopatra style, when she got her photo-shoot with V Magazine
a little smokey finishing touch. It's so pretty, curious?

I think i would be fun to recreate this look
dare to try it? here's tutorial from Valeria herself

you can check her youtube video for more tutorial

Until next post,


  1. gila ce.. itu bener2 mirip ky barbie... ntar malam mau cek youtube nya ahh >.<

  2. pinggangnya kecil banget, ekspresinya bener human barbie >,<

  3. Dari yang kubaca dia melakukan buaaaanyak operasi buat tubuh barbienya itu...
    Pecinta barbie sejati.....

  4. Iya denger2nya sih itu hasil operasian T_T >.< CMIIW

  5. I love Valeria's looks! Her photos seem very photoshopped but on video she has a naturel beautiful face. Please recreate this look!

  6. Wow she really looks like a Barbie! I think it's amazing.

  7. Gosh!
    Really human barbie!!
    Need Ken soon to make sure:-)
    Dazzingly beautiful heheee